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Write a Perfect CV in a Weekend

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Your CV is the crucial aspect of your job hunt. It is your admission ticket into the job market: it is your chance to sing your own praises, to demonstrate your personal and work-related achievements and to get a foot in the door. If your CV isn't getting you interviews it is doing you a grave disservice.


A good CV should:


  • Sell you, your capabilities and achievements.
  • Be direct and to the point, 2-3 pages is ideal.
  • Be easy to follow and read.
  • Sell your personality and personal qualities.
  • Be professional in its content and style of writing.
  • Demonstrate how you would add value to the organisation.
  • Be well presented and neat.
  • Focus on what you have delivered in your career to date.
  • Get you an interview!


Contents of How to Write a Perfect CV in a Weekend:


This book will demonstrate:


  1. How to take control of your job hunt By preparing an individual, targeted CV you will be able to see yourself in your chosen profession and field of work.
  2. How to improve your current CV You will have the opportunity to assess your current CV. This will enable you to see how employers who have never met you before, perceive you when they read your CV for the first time. Establish how effective your existing CV is and establish which sections of your CV you need to work upon.
  3. How to use active verbs Change your writing style from a story-like style to a professional and business style, which will catch the reader's attention. Sell what you have to offer and be detailed and specific in your descriptions.
  4. How to target your application towards each job Learn how to make your CV appear special and interesting by targeting it towards the job in question. Focus on what is being asked for and write about all of your key skills. Choose five key capability headings and describe your statements under each heading in detail.
  5. How to sell yourself and make yourself look a winner Learn how to promote your value and what you have to offer. Be powerful and direct in your approach. Convey your worth on paper and feel confident that your CV reflects an accurate description of you.
  6. How to sell yourself in the covering letter A covering letter is an absolute necessity. Avoid all the pitfalls in writing covering letters and learn how to write an empowering letter. Use the examples to help you to write a speculative, formal or informal letters.
  7. How to write in an interesting and informative way Make your CV interesting to read and learn how to hold the reader's interest throughout the document.
  8. How to write a winning CV Use this simple and easy technique to write yourself a winning CV in a relatively short period of time, a weekend or less.
  9. Examples If in doubt use the examples of the various CVs in the book




Ms London Weekly Magazine


Worth its weight in gold ... There are loads of 'the perfect CV' books on the market but Sarah Berry's Write a Perfect CV in a Weekend is different. Why? Because it begins: Relax and pour yourself a drink - perhaps even a strong one You are in for the weekend of your life'. Any book that can advocate a realistic look at your career (with the aid of alcohol) can't be at all bad. It's an easy read with sections on how to evaluate your CV from an employer's viewpoint; you also have the chance to 'grade' your CV out of 100. Well worth its money.

Institute of Analysts and Programmers


It's hard to think of any better way to improve your career prospects in a single weekend. Most members will be familiar with the industry standard type of CV but this book deals with the subject on a much wider front. It explains the approach you will need if your career is to advance into fields where mere technical competence is not enough. It deals with covering letters and other peripheral matters. It also has suggestions for dealing with those difficult situations, such as hard-to-explain blank patches and bizarre changes of direction.





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