Career Choice Profile

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that helps you to make informed decisions about your future career

The DISC system has for decades been considered as a leading validated, non-critical, behavioural analysis that will emphasise an individual’s strengths and capabilities in the work environment.


Our DISC profile is not a test. You cannot ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ it. The analyis is very positive indeed and an invaluable career tool used in all our career transition programmes.

Choose the right profession/job and get more from work

Develop self-esteem and confidence

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 Career Choice Profile

Earn more money by developing personal strengths

Career Profile with a 45-Minute Skype/Telephone Feedback Session Direct with Sarah Berry

Develop self awareness and create more the opportunity to change

Recognise key and personal qualities and motivators

Choose the right profession/job and get more from work

Make any necessary career changes and/or moves with confidence

Perform and contribute as an effective team member

Relate to and appreciate other people

Improve work relationships with the boss, colleagues, staff and clients.

Personality goes a long way



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