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Determine straightaway whether your CV/resume contains the essential reader and ATS (application tracking system) "fixation points", that ensure it is selected by and gets a positive response from recruiters and employers.


We will quickly:


  • Analyse your CV/Resume
  • Highlight the current fixation points in order of rank
  • Produce a CV/Resume SWOT analysis for you
  • Recommend a plan of action to improve the overall effectiveness of your CV/Resume
  • Review your LinkedIn Profile too


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For more details on why CV and LinkedIn "fixation points" are so important please refer to the article People don’t read CVs these days – why? on LinkedIn


Taken from Linkedin article by CV and Career Expert, Sarah Berry.


People simply don’t read CVs these days – hard truth.


If you define “reading” as starting in the left hand corner and working in a sequential order from word to word to gather meaning like a book – people don’t read CVs.


People Scan CVs


What they do instead is scan CVs looking for fixation points.  Once they find a fixation point, they either read either side of it to find out more or move to another fixation point.


What do they do if a fixation point doesn’t show up?


What happens if they don’t find a fixation point?  Simple they discard that CV and move to another.


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