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Making someone in the company redundant is never an easy decision or comfortable process to go through. You are, after all, impacting someone’s livelihood and future career. Therefore, helping employees to cope with redundancy and make the right choice about the right local outplacement company for them to work with are equally important processes to address.

Local used to mean located geographically nearby. However, with most people having a mobile phone or tablet to hand - local these days tends to mean having someone at the other end of the line, ideally when they need it or around the clock.

It is fair to say that responsiveness tends to outweigh locality nowadays. For people who have been made redundant, they tend to prefer to get an answer and response quickly rather than have to wait in a plush office for hours to see someone. The same is true when you consider choosing an outplacement consultancy.


Is a large London-based City outplacement firm any better than a local firm?


If you base your trust and judgement of a firm upon whether the firm is based in a big central London office think again.

Thinking of this kind is out-dated and could impact the the job hunting results of the staff you are letting go. Searching for jobs, these days, is all to do with mastering search engines and online job boards. It is above all about being found and seen. As a professional outplacement consultancy, we don’t suggest to our clients that they stand in the middle of Trafalgar Square with a billboard waving their CV above their heads. We help them to master the art of finding work online and use the same principles that brought you to the point of reading this page.


Whether job hunters love it or loathe it, they have to master both the art of being found amongst millions of other professional job hunters. Whether they are choosing to apply via job boards or to take advantage of LinkedIn - or ideally both, we show them how to get their CV and application noticed, for all the right reasons.


So, is it going to be a big London firm or a local business with those awful old-fashioned headshots of people who look like they have been out of the workforce for years? Neither, we recommend that you simply fill in the form and experience straight away a completely different and more relevant approach to outplacement in the 21st century. Try it - and notice the response you get.


What about the idea of using remote outplacement services for London firms?


Remote doesn’t mean unresponsive. A week is a long time if you are seeking employment. Weeks can quickly turn into months and the pressure of being without a job doesn’t diminish the longer you are out of work.


Employees who have been made redundant are seeking a fast response, personal service from people whom they can trust to help them find work quickly. They do not want “another group meeting at the same time next Wednesday.” They are seeking the answer to, “What is the best way for me to apply for this great job that I have just seen posted on Jobsite?” Or “How should I answer this person who has just approached me via LinkedIn?”


Why appointing a London outplacement firm may be advantageous?


Your choice of outplacement consultancy needs to have local knowledge. There is no point asking a consultancy in New York to help an employee in London as they won’t understand the local employment market and specific needs of London employers.


Equally, they don’t need meeting room facilities and computer networks, as people already have this technology in their pocket.


What they need is consultants who are specialist in how to get their CV ranking on job boards and LinkedIn. People who can advise, guide and support them through their career transition.


Always check the credentials of the firm and read the online reviews as this will tell you how you will be treated and what job hunting experience and success you can expect to have too.


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