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Are you living and/or working in London and facing a particular career issue?


Finding the right type of professional career advice in the City can be a challenge. There are plenty of firms and individuals to choose from and lots of different options. An hour’s career consultancy can start from as little as £20 and rise up to several hundreds of pounds – and there is no guarantee that the advice you will receive will be what you are looking for?


How do you get information about job and career issues related to London?


Where do you start if you have a career issue you want to solve


Searching online for a professional career advisor in London?


You have started to look in the best place ie online. Most of the leading London-based career advice services have a website. Most of these websites just advertise their different services. However, this is where Career Consultants is different. We begin by offering you free career and job hunting advice on-line. All you need to do is complete the simple form alongside this article and you can look forward to a speedy reply and some great career advice.


Why is a career in London different to other places?


Firstly, London is better described as loads of towns grouped into one big City. Each town or Borough has its own unique style and attractions. When asked to describe a London job, most people describe the image of people walking over London Bridge to the financial area and square mile. However, contrast this with the small business boutiques of Covent Garden, or the fashion hub of Carnaby Street, Regent Street and up market New Bond Street. Then you have Fulham and Chelsea which are altogether different. Contrast this again with Camden or Chiswick. If you are young, sylish and fashionalbe, you may prefer the vintage streets of Brick Lane and Shoreditch. Perhaps you prefer the steel and glass of Canary Wharf or the quietness of Kew Gardens (home to Career Consultants Registered Office) or Primrose Hill.


Each place in London has its attractions. It is all down to personal preference and the type of business that you work for. If you are in the financial sector the financial districts are more likely to offer you the opportunities you are looking for. However, the big corporate giants of other sectors are dispersed all over this great City. For instance, you wouldn’t expect Sony Playstation’s head office to be at the Entrance to Carnaby Street or the giant of GSK towering over the Chiswick flyover in Brentford.


So London is made up of different places with different attractions for you and your career. To make sound career choices and decisions, it is, therefore, wise to choose a career advice service that understands the city well.


If your career issue is not about London but something more personal


Wherever your job is based in London, you will not be alone. You will undoubtedly have a boss, some colleagues and you may even be lucky enough to have a team of staff working for you. All of these people have their challenges.


Office bullying for instance is very common in most business these days. With companies under increasing pressure to compete and survive, many people take it on themselves to rally the troops. Commonly people over step the mark and instead of helping you these people can make your life at work hell.


The excitement of wandering the London streets in your lunch-break can soon turn from a pleasure to a clockwatching exercise when you have to return to the office and face the people that you dread being with each day. And that’s if you get a lunch break at all Many of our clients report skipping the all-important lunch break to keep up with the demands of the job.


Considering a complete career change?


For many people, the solution to their career challenge is to change job. They choose to keep the same profession but move to a different company. Instead. However, a complete career change is just as common these days. As a career advice service, Career Consultants help people who want to go it alone or try something new. With a team of experienced business consultants working alongside our trained career consultants, we can explore with you whichever career path you prefer.


We will make an honest career assessment and provide practical career change advice. Career Consultants can also coach you on ways to fast track and develop your career. So, if you feel that you are the next Lord Sugar and are considering becoming an entrepreneur or you want to secure a managerial job, just fill in the box below with your details and we will provide you with suitable professional career advice.


If you are thinking of working in London and are serious about the move, also feel free to contact us. It is great place to work but as every Londoner will tell you, it is expensive to reside there. So as long as you have done your sums, do contact us and we will help you.


London Recruitment Fairs and Exhibitions


If you click the box relating to London Recruitment Exhibitions and Jobs Fairs, we will also email you details of forthcoming events. These include the famous London Spring Graduate Fair and other national graduate recruitment exhibitions held in and around the City of London.


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