Training – Your Degree is Just the Start

z7wrzml0‘It is too easy for graduates landing their first job to think that their degree is the only qualification that they will ever need’, says Sarah Berry. ‘The newly-qualified graduate still has a lot to learn about the workplace’.

Most graduates think that those years spent studying will be enough to hold down a job and progress through an organisation, without any further academic effort.

However, the newly-employed qualified graduate will find out all too soon that the professional education just received is woefully inadequate for the realities of a working life.

The fact is, theory and practice are worlds apart. In the work world, theory often has to go out of the window if sales figures are to be achieved, deadlines adhered to and cost effectiveness maintained.

Graduates will find that the most valuable thing they were taught at university was to think. The facts and figures they were encouraged to assimilate gave an informed background, nothing more, on which to base a professional performance.

Understanding and accepting this is the key to success for all newly-qualified employed graduates. If you can accept this you will be well on your way to forging a successful career with a predictably happy future.

What does this all mean?

What this means is that you must be prepared to forget your perceived status. Yes, you have a degree and so do many of your co-workers. Equally many of your co-workers don’t have a degree. To get on in business you will need to accept the advice and guidance offered by those co-workers who have the experience and perhaps not the qualifications.

You must also be prepared to carry on learning. The value of courses and further training cannot be overstressed. It will keep your mind alert and focused on your goal and career aspirations.

The constant need to update and train is not just desirable but it is the duty of the graduate. Your professional role is to add value to your organisation.

The important thing for you as a newly-qualified graduate is to realise that you mustn’t stand still. Your degree has been acquired and you still need to continue to train your mind. Your mind will only continue to work at peak performance if you continue use it. Technical courses and courses on self-development are a necessity for graduates if they are to justify their position and remuneration package in the workplace.