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10 Steps to Get Your Mojo Back

The word “mojo” has an African heritage and describes the magic and spells that generate luck and power. That’s why, when your mojo’s high, everything feels great. You’re confident, you’re at ease with yourself and you feel positive and motivated. That makes it easy to push forward with your plans and goals.




When you lose your mojo, you just feel horrible and you want it back – fast! It can be hard to muster the enthusiasm to revive it, but don’t be tempted to just let it go. That's because if you do, you could sink into depression. That’s a much harder hole to pull yourself out of.


No matter how uncomfortable it feels to lose your mojo, it’s important to remember that it’s natural for it to fluctuate. So, rather than fighting the cycle of ups and downs, accept that it’s going to happen and focus on creating a plan for getting it back again.


The good news is that a few small changes can quickly reignite your mojo. So if you want to get it back, simply work through the following steps and stay focused on creating a more energised future.



10 Steps to Getting Your Mojo Back


When it comes to getting your mojo back, sitting back and doing nothing isn’t an option . That's because you could easily get stuck in an emotionally bad place – and for a long time.


During 2017-18 over 7.3 million people were prescribed antidepressants in the UK. What’s more, a high percentage of those prescriptions were made out to 4 million long-term users. That’s a lot of people! So don’t go down this route. Do something positive to get your mojo back.


Fortunately, you don’t have to do anything difficult or unpleasant to get results quickly. Taking just a few of the steps listed below will help you regain your confidence so you can start feeling good again.


Step 1: Start with one small win


When you’re feeling down, it can be hard to pick yourself up again. That's why small wins are so important. As you look at your to-do list, it’s possible that almost every task seems difficult or overwhelming. But when you break large, difficult or daunting tasks into small, achievable steps the work is far more approachable. It frees you up to focus on doing the work to the best of your ability. Best of all, when that little step is complete, your confidence will rise and the next step in the process is easier to tackle. Soon, what looked like an impossibly challenging piece of work is done – and done well. You’ll be ready to take on the next task.


Step 2: Focus on your purpose, not your duties


Every job requires you to meet obligations and complete a series of set tasks. But sometimes you need to let go of what you must do and turn your attention to what you want to do. Reconnecting with what lights you up will give you a big of dose of inspiration and energy, something that staying tethered to the shoulds and oughts can never do. So step away from the boring, soul-sucking drudge jobs for a while and focus your attention on your mission. Then your mood will rise a gear and allow your drive and passion to propel you forward.


Step 3: Shift your perspective and get unstuck


Shifting your perspective is a fast way to lift your mood and get excited again. When you look at a problem or event from a new angle, you can quickly change the way you feel. You might even find a new solution or realise one you’ve previously dismissed is going to be perfect. It’s not just your perspective you can change: look at the routines and systems you’re using and experiment to find new ways to get particular tasks done. This can help a lot when you feel bogged down with dull work. It not only takes that work off your desk faster, it also means you have more time to give to your purpose. This makes your working day brighter and more appealing.



Step 4: Be positive


When you lose your mojo, it’s easy to slip into negative and self-destructive behaviour. You may find yourself judging yourself harshly and using your internal voice to speak to yourself in ways you'd never adopt with anyone else. You could also find your mind gets overrun with worry and over-thinking. This is frustrating and leads to anxiety. The first step to dealing with this is to raise your awareness. Every time you notice your thoughts spiralling off into negativity, switch them to happy memories and positive thoughts. Eventually you’ll train your mind so negative thought patterns will be replaced by positive ones automatically.


Step 5: Reduce stress


Stress is enormously destructive. It puts your internal chemistry out of whack and it messes with your head. So whether it's work, a personal conflict, too many things on your to-do list, or too many demands on your time from family or friends, you need to pinpoint the source of your stress and start dealing with it. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious, take some time out, decide what your priorities are and focus on them. Let everything else go. You’ll feel lighter and happier and your mojo will spring back much faster.


Step 6: Take a break from the TV


When your mojo has taken a battering, there’s nothing more tempting than to lose yourself in front of the television or computer. Once you’re settled down doing nothing, it’s hard to get up. Give yourself a break from the telly for a few days or limit the time you spend in front of it. Turn off the computer before dinner and put your gadgets out of immediate reach. Use the time to read a book, talk to your partner or children or have a chat with your friend (on the phone, not on Facebook). Just do something positive, productive and enjoyable. Promise yourself you’re not going to do any more sitting around and zoning out.


Step 7: Get out and have fun


When your mojo is low, fun may be the last thing on your list. But if you’re going to get back in your groove, you need to have more fun. That's because it’s a primary source of a strong mojo. To remind yourself of what you love to do, write down all the times you’ve really had fun. Relive those happy times in your mind and remember all the hobbies and activities you enjoy doing but have set aside in favour of work or other obligations. The next step is to actually do more of what you love or go out and create more happy times in your life. If you want to really shake your life up, do something completely out of character for you. Be spontaneous, get yourself excited (and maybe a bit scared!) and do something you've always wanted to do.



Step 8: Look after yourself


When you lose your mojo, it’s easy to prop yourself up with too much alcohol, fatty and sugary foods or medications. But it’s hard to get back to your bliss when you’re abusing your body. Take a stand and decide to treat your body with care and kindness. Eat foods that are going to boost your mojo, like veggies, fruits, fish and pulses. Get more exercise too. You don’t have to put pressure on yourself to start an exercise routine. Just get out and go for a walk or do something physical. If you can get out into nature, that’s even better. Find some space, beauty and serenity so both your mind and body feel the benefit.


Step 9: Hang out with the happy crowd


While you’re doing all you can to get your sparkle back, look at who you spend time with – are they people whose mojo cup is full or is it half-empty? Surround yourself with people who motivate you, lift you up and want the best for you. If nothing else, make sure they’re fun to be around. Anyone who drains your energy or makes you feel uncomfortable is off-limit for now. But be careful not to isolate yourself. Go and hang out with the happy crowd.


Step 10: Appreciate yourself


It’s easy to get locked in "comparisonitis" –that mindset you get into where you judge yourself unfavourably against others. The next time you’re out, take a look around. You don’t have to be critical of them, just allow yourself to notice that most people don’t have perfect figures, wrinkle-free skin, or wonderful hair. Give yourself a break and start to appreciate what’s great about you. Boost yourself by getting a great haircut and wearing clothes that make you feel happy. And it’s not all about the outside… remember your good qualities as a person – your kindness, the fact that you can make people laugh and your ability to make friends.


If all else fails


It’s often a setback or crisis that leaves your mojo shattered – and often at a time when you need it most. But you can restore it by following these simple steps. Of course, your mojo may come back in a different form, but that’s fine. It’s just a sign that you’ve either made a change or you’re ready for something new. You don’t need to dread these dips in your enthusiasm, they’re just part of the process of change that we all go through. So, shift your perspective and start to see losing your mojo as a shift in your internal compass that’s getting you prepared for your next step.


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