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Typical Salary Increase When Changing Job

How much can I expect to earn if I change job?


Does 50% sound ridiculous?


in fact, it is very easy to achieve 50% increase if you know how. Don’t slave at this process on your own, let’s start working together straight away. Get started today and download Career Consultants FREE quick-start guide to securing an insanely large increase in salary.


Why should I change job?


When changing career, you are looking for a job which satisfies your expectations of:


  • valuable experience
  • quality of life
  • personal fulfillment


The most exciting factor of changing job is the sizeable salary increase, especially if it is in the upper bracket of 50%.

Get a Job Fast On-Line Programme


What is the Get a Job Fast Programme?


A streamlined on-line career transition programme to help those people who are searching for a new job, change career or looking to gain more fulfilment and rewards from their career.


Perfect your CV and LinkedIn profile in order to attract a top salary job

Discover how to easy it is to find exciting jobs that you never knew existed

Boost your interview techniques and overall confidence

Learn how to apply proven salary negotiation techniques

Develop your career and your on-line profile.


What is included?


  • You will work directly with Sarah Berry
  • A New Look CV and LinkedIn profile
  • A detailed career profile that will unveil your career passions and desires
  • Career exercises to enable you to take your career to the next level
  • Career advice to help you to unblock an unleash your true career potential
  • Podcasts offering you practical career advice and techniques to enhance your newly developed job search strategies
  • Written career material to help you to develop your long-term career strategies
  • Full email support and career advice from Sarah Berry and her team of career experts.


Where do I start?


Contact us now and let’s start working together today to discover the quickest and simplest way to gain the job and salary that you feel you deserve.




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