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20 SIGNS that You Need to Change JOB

Happiness at work is about finding your career purpose

Review the list below and if 3 or more statements resonate with you .... it is time to change job.

  1. You lack the passion for your job.
  2. You are not developing professional skills.
  3. Your personal values are not being met.
  4. Your mind is often wandering at work.
  5. The demands of the job drain you.
  6. You don't have time for yourself, your hobbies or your family.
  7. You don't get on with your boss anymore.
  8. The company no longer invests in training you.
  9. You don't see a future with your current company.
  10. Getting to work on time has become an issue.
  11. Other people seem to have the work life that you want.
  12. You feel anxious all the time.
  13. You have heard rumours about redundancies or layoffs.
  14. You are doing tasks that you did ten years ago.
  15. You are not using the skills that you enjoy.
  16. You can't be your true self with the people around you.
  17. You spend time at work doing personal stuff.
  18. You moan about your job to your loved ones.
  19. You feel dis-connected from your work colleagues.
  20. You inner voice is telling you to move job.

If you have spotted any issues related to your  job motivation and fulfilment, it is time to make a change. Over half of your waking life is spent at work.


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