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3 LinkedIn Job-Hunting Strategies

LinkedIn provides you with the perfect job-hunting ground.  It is no wonder therefore that there are over 200 million business people registered the site. In addition, three quarters of recruiters have also indicated that they now use LinkedIn as a recruitment tool.  So, if you perfect your profile you are likely to be successful with your job search.


However, if you are relatively new to the power of LinkedIn, it may be daunting to know where to start your job-hunt.  I suggest three essential LinkedIn strategies if you want to create employment opportunities via LinkedIn.


Develop a winning profile.  You need your profile to appear high in LinkedIn searches if you want to be found.  You, therefore, need to ensure that your profile is 100% complete, aimed at your specific job target and promoting your key skills. Do a test to check whether you actually you can be found through the LinkedIn search facility.


Use different job search strategies.  As you develop your profile, you will automatically receive job advertisements based upon the information within your profile.  However, you can also hunt for jobs advertisements by joining related groups and searching LinkedIn using their brand new job search facility.  The best approach though is to focus on perfecting your profile first and then apply for jobs.


Learn how to turn connections into leads.  You need to do your homework first and research the type of companies that you would like to work for.  Can you identify the specific need within the business at this time?  Ensure that your profile is targeting towards the companies that you like.  Reach out to people within the organisation and start making business connections within your targeted companies.  Perfect the art of engaging your new connections and turning them into business leads or creating job opportunities.


You are doing yourself a grave disservice if you are not already benefiting from the power of LinkedIn.  It has already opened up thousands of leads or jobs for people just like you and therefore if you use LinkedIn properly it can generate career and business opportunities for you too.


BY: Sarah Berry

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