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5 Ways Job Boards Can Help Your Career

You may be familiar with job boards such as CV-Library. Maybe you've used their services to look for new jobs.


However, job boards offer so much more than thousands of the latest vacancies.


Get the most out of your job search and working life with these five ways job boards can help your career.


1. Browse thousands of jobs from all sectors


The best and most obvious advantage of using a job board is that you can browse thousands of jobs in any sector you care to name.

That's because job boards host vacancies on behalf of employers and recruitment agencies. You can easily browse a wide range of jobs from one hub.


And the best part is you can search for your ideal job via several criteria such as keywords, job title, industry, location and salary.


Since your searches are likely to generate a large number of results due to the great number of relevant vacancies, you should order your results by the most relevant criterion. This makes you job search as efficient as possible.


2. Get scouted by recruiters



It addition to finding your own opportunities, job boards let the opportunities to come directly to you.


Trusted recruiters and employers use job boards to discover candidates suitable for their vacancies by browsing the CVs uploaded by job hunters. This is extremely advantageous to your job search as recruiters are basically doing the searching and pitching for you.


To ensure your CV is noticed by employers, ensure your CV is filled with relevant keywords. We suggest flicking though a few job descriptions of roles you like see which keywords and phrases are mentioned frequently. Some examples may be ‘marketing manager’, ‘experienced in SEO’ or ‘proficient verbal and written communication skills’.


If you reference these common keywords and phrases in your CV, it should be pulled to the top of recruiters’ searches and you could be contacted first.


3. Jobs straight to your inbox


Job boards are also particularly important when looking for work because of their job alerts feature.


Job alerts send the latest jobs that match your criteria straight to your inbox. For example, say your criteria is ‘Birmingham’ and ‘marketing manager’. Then your alerts will email you all jobs related to that criteria as soon as they are listed.


Not only does this save you search time, but you can also stay ahead of the competition and be the first to apply for the best jobs.


Job searching never got so easy.


4. Research the perfect job for you



Even if you don’t fancy uploading your CV and applying for jobs via job boards, they’re still particularly useful for researching your perfect job.


For example, if you’re not particularly sure what type of job you could get with your skill set, a job board can offer a helping hand. Try searching for jobs with your skills listed as keywords (as opposed to job titles) and your search results will offer a range of jobs that could be a great match for you.


Also try searching for job titles similar to your current position and scanning the responsibilities and duties in the job spec. And search for related roles or job titles you think you’d like to have in the future. That way you’ll get a clearer idea of the skills you'll need over the next few years to progress in a certain direction.


5. Career advice from industry experts


In addition to the wealth of current vacancies listed on job boards, there’s also a whole host of advice written by industry experts that's guaranteed to help you though every stage of your career.


If you’re currently looking for a job, check out job searching, CV, cover letter and interview tips. But even if you're not, you can still gain insights for advancing your career path. Should you progress in your current position or face a larger pivotal point, such as a career change instead?


The career advice on job boards can also offer a little respite at the end of the working day too. Take a quiet moment to discover how to up your self-care game at work, cope with working from home or even have a giggle about the things you’ll only know if you work in an office.


As you can see, there's more than one use for a job board no matter where you are in your career. Why not find out what leading UK job board CV-Library can do for you today?


About the author:

Laura Slingo is Digital Copywriter for the UK’s leading job board, CV-Library. For more expert advice on job searches, careers and the workplace, visit their Career Advice pages.

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