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Are your career ‘needs’ being met?

This blog is part of a series of blogs by Sarah Berry focused on Career Change


Everyone has a career need but not everyone gets their needs met in the best possible ways.  When things go well at work you are likely to be in a good mood and feel satisfied in many areas of your life.  You properly feel good about yourself and you are likely to be a great partner and parent.  However, when things go badly at work, you may start to feel a bit down, frustrated or dissatisfied with your life in general and you may be tempted to philosophise about the world in general.  Your conclusions may be that other people don’t seem particularly happy either so at least this ‘state of dissatisfaction’ is not personal to you.


So, does it really matter if you are satisfied by your occupation?


Your career needs have to be met otherwise your job and personal performance may be implicated in some way.  If your needs are not adequately met, you may be tempted to snap at people, withdraw from people who need your attention or manipulate other people in order to meet your own needs.  Your needs become the prism through which you see the world.  The prism can change how you see things and how you perform consciously or unconsciously. Therefore, your needs are very demanding and must be managed otherwise they can take over your conscious actions.  It is best to work out ways that you can fulfil your needs in an honourable, reputable and charitable way.


Whether you are aware of it or not, your career needs drive your behaviour and they hold the clue to your personal aims and vulnerabilities.  Once you understand the particular career need that you want to fulfil, you can start to get this need met effortlessly.  Getting your career needs met is not optional, it is essential if you want to take your career to the next level.  You need to identify your career need first, and then set your boundaries so that you manage the people who have the potential to stop you from fulfilling it.  When you start fulfilling your career needs, you will start to see your outside circumstances change too.


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Career Needs


BY: Sarah Berry

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