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How to be Headhunted

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You are your own press officer and have the power to influence the people around you. Everyone has the potential to be headhunted. This is the process of being approached either directly by a headhunting agency or through a contact, about a particular position.


Whether or not it happens to you depends upon how much time, effort and energy you are devote to ‘networking’ building your professional reputation and promoting yourself. Being headhunted is therefore not just for the privileged few; it is for those of you who can take charge of your career and promote themselves in areas where others will notice, value and then recruit you.





This book will demonstrate:


  1. How to assess and improve your headhunting potential
    Fill out the questionnaire and discover how you rate your abilities in the key areas. The results of the questionnaire will highlight where your strengths and weaknesses lie. This questionnaire stresses the importance of having an all-round, sound and versatile profile within your profession.

  2. How to build your reputation and become a specialist within your field of work
    Experts are hard to come by and because of this they are sought after and rewarded accordingly. Learn how to build and promote your reputation. What is your trademark? Do you need to change it in anyway? Assess your performance and be aware of how you rate your performance.

  3. How to promote your experience and expertise
    Self-promotion is crucial to your future success. You need to promote yourself to remind people of your existence and qualities. Learn to become a good at networking. Discover what it takes to be a good television or radio presenter. If these two mediums don’t appeal try promoting yourself through the written word in magazines, articles or journals. Learn how to adopt your own individual style and approach. Learn to use your time wisely and create that sense of job fulfilment.

  4. How to manage and maximise the use of your time
    Time is important as far as your career is concerned. Become aware of how your perception of time influences how you spend your time. Notice how you fill your time and begin to concentrate on the things that can influence your career.

  5. How to improve your attitude and physical well-being
    Your attitude, appearance and physical well-being are important in advancing your career and increasing your potential for being headhunted. Understand what you are portraying about yourself and learn how to focus on and develop good business relationships with others.

  6. How to respond to the headhunter in a professional manner. Headhunters are specialists in recruitment. They have detailed technical knowledge of their field or fields and they know where to find they key people who are good at what they do and have a worthy reputation. Know how to respond in a professional and direct way that sells you to your full potential.

  7. How to promote yourself internally within your current company
    Improve your business opportunities by performing within your current role. Learn how to make an impact with your current role and how to promote your best image. Don’t follow but learn how to lead and direct your career as you wish.

  8. How to increase your career opportunities
    Give your career and confidence a boost by putting it back on track. Create your own business initiatives and promote yourself continuously in every way possible.


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This book is not just about getting headhunted, it is about how to become one of the acknowledged leaders of the profession. Why is it that some people become terribly well known, their opinions sought on every side, while the rest of us are stuck waiting for the call that never comes? The answer is that these people know how to promote themselves, and they work at it systematically. If you have already gained your FIAP and are wondering what to do next, this book is for you. It tells you how to build your public image by networking, writing articles, speaking at seminars and conferences, sitting on industry quangos, appearing on TV and many more. These things don’t happen by chance. Get to it!


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