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How to Plan Your Career

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A career is not what you find but what you create. Planning is vital to your career success. Most people spend more time thinking about and planning their social life than sorting out the very thing that affects the whole of their career simply because they don’t know how to plan their career.


Create a fulfilling career. Instigate opportunities and situations in order to maximise your potential and achieve your own level of self-fulfilment. Focus your energy on building skills, learning from people around you and creating a vision for the future. Become a real expert at your job. Remember, whatever you want, go and get it. It is up to you to achieve it and with this ebook you now have no excuse.




This book, How to Plan your Career, will demonstrate:


  • How to manage and control your own career
  • Understand what position you are currently in by completing the career questionnaire. Establish what improvements can be made and plan the timescales involved.
  • How to recognize your potential
  • Direct your career in accordance with your skills and expertise. Clarify what you have to offer.
  • How to dig yourself your of a rut and realign your career
  • Recognise if you are in a career rut. Reflect upon your performance and your attitude? Can you improve in some areas? Learn how to become more positive.
  • How to think about and visualize your long-term career
  • Understand the basic principles of career planning. Define your profession, field of work and areas of specialism. Create the vision of your long term goal and the route to achieve it.
  • How to find and secure an unadvertised job
  • See yourself as an asset and have the confidence that given the right CV and approach you can tap into the unadvertised job market. Be persistent and direct in your approach.
  • How to build inspiration for the next career step
  • Establish what has been holding you back. Define your career drivers and career restrainers. Plan the career change and see it for what it is.
  • How to determine whether a change of career is a possibility
  • Follow the basic principles of planning to establish your next career move. Learn how you may need to bridge that gap.
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of a new job
  • Be astute and aware in the new role. Build good business relationships and avoid all the attitude traps.
  • How to increase your value and make your dream job a reality
  • Determine your own market value and begin to value what you have to offer. Network and talk about what value you add to the business. Trust your instincts and be committed to your career vision. Make your dream real.
  • How to establish yourself as an expert within your chosen field
  • What do you want to being doing and who can help you? Shadow people or use a mentor to help you to deliver the result.


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”The Architects’ Journal“ - The job market is booming now but some people are benefiting from this more than others. With headings such as ‘presenting yourself effectively’, ‘how to become known as an expert in your field’ and ‘assess your competitiveness’, there are lots of valuable nuggets to be extracted from this book.





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How To Plan Your Career


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