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Win the Job at the Interview

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Confident job candidates perform well at interviews. They project a good image of themselves and their abilities and they make it their business to do their homework beforehand. They research the company, gain interview practice and sell themselves by inspiring the employer's confidence in them.


How confident are you about talking succinctly about yourself, expressing your key needs and requirements at the interview and thinking on the spot? How good are you at presenting yourself and setting yourself apart from the less confident candidates?




This book will demonstrate:


  1. How you can build your self confidence in the interview situation
  2. Learn how to inspire confidence in yourself and your abilities. Demonstrate how you can do the job, want the job and will fit into the organization - its style, management and philosophies. In short present the best and most saleable side of your personality.
  3. How to recognize and respond to the different questioning tactics
  4. Interviews are all about questions - questions that probe, questions that put you on the spot and questions that you might prefer not to answer! Learn to recognize the different types of questions and how to sell yourself effectively.
  5. How to prepare question topics in advance
  6. Questions asked at interviews tend to fall into seven basic categories. This makes preparation much easier and at least it is clear which categories you may favour the least and therefore need to spend extra time on.
  7. How to improve your personal grooming
  8. Image and personal appearance matter. Are you aware of what image you are portraying? Focus on your strengths and dress to enhance your features. Your clothes demonstrate how much you value yourself.
  9. How to convey the right attitude
  10. Your attitude is crucial to your interview performance. It is reflected in the tone of your voice and in the tone of your CV. Avoid falling into any form of negative attitude and learn how to project a stable, realistic, positive and visionary attitude.
  11. How to give a polished interview performance
  12. Remind yourself the interview dos and don'ts. The little things that enable you to swing the interview in your favour.
  13. How to assess the job offer
  14. Learn how to determine whether it is the kind of offer you want and how solid an offer it really is. Use key negotiation skills to raise or improve the job offer. Recognise how to use your power to bring about a change in circumstances.
  15. How to prepare a 'presentation' for the interview
  16. Never be afraid of standing up in front of people again. Here you will learn what to cover, what to exclude, and what to have on standby in case of extra time.
  17. How to communicate and build rapport with the interviewer
  18. Be an active interviewee. Pace yourself and establish rapport with your interviewer. Follow up on common areas of interest and reflect back what has been said. Take the stage and shine.


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Institute of Analysts and Programmers


If you get an interview, it means the employer wants to give you the job. He just needs to convince himself you are the right person for it. In these circumstances it is crazy to just stonewall the questions: if you can sell yourself the job is yours! Interpersonal skills may not always come easy to people who are happiest with computers, but they are essential weapons in the armoury of every true professional. This book explains, in simple and practical terms, what each one of us can do to improve the way we put our messages across. This involves understanding the signals and motivations of the other person, and ensuring we give out positive signals of our own. This is a fascinating book: only our smoothest and most successful members could fail to learn something useful from it.

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