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Career Advancement – Working Your Way to the Top

If you want to get to the 'Top' of your profession, it is easy as long as you know how to go about it and how to write it into your career objectives. All you have to decide is 'What do I enjoy doing?', 'How much money am I comfortable earning' and 'Is now the right time to focus on my career'. Yes, it really is that simple.


Sarah Berry, the UK's best-selling career writer and career consultant, has this advice to offer all those ambitious, goal-orientated and work-loving people who are looking for more from their job/careers. Sarah says, 'Fasten your seat belt and have the career ride of your life. If you want your career to go faster, then accept that you are going to have to put some pace into it'.


  1. Passion. Passion is what drives a career forward. It is about having the maturity to understand what works in the business sector that you are in, but also possessing the sensitivity and flexibility to make things happen. So how passionate are you about your work? Do you have a daily mission to make your individual mark on the business world? And what is unique and special about you?
  2. Vision. Vision is what keeps you going in spite of the business climate/environment. Vision helps you focus and work towards your overall goal. How big is your vision and does it include you, the company, the profession or the world?
  3. Reputation. A reputation is what determines whether companies invite you to join them. You will always be judged upon what you have achieved rather than on what you meant to do or what you could have done. So, how strong is your track record? Are you promoting yourself, your achievements and your professionalism both internally within the organisation and externally within the industry that you are working in?
  4. More. 'MORE' is what determines whether you will last on your journey to the top. Most people don't reach the 'TOP' because their desire to have 'more' for themselves stops them in their tracks. So the concept of 'more' is about giving more to the organisation/industry. It is about being willing to go that one or two steps further to achieve the desired result. It is the difference between being an average employee and being an excellent employee. How much do you 'give' of yourself? Do you go out of your way to help and build trustworthy working relationships with your business colleagues? Do you make that extra bit of effort to delight your boss, customers and colleagues?
  5. Responsibility. Be honest; do you let the organisation determine your career destiny? Owning your own power is crucial to your success and thinking in terms of how much more potential you have and is vital if you want to 'step up' your earning capacity. If you are not earning the kind of income that you would like to be earning, have you really considered all the options? For example, has 'money' become the issue or is it more to do with accepting a lower salary? Have you worked out ways to promote yourself into a higher paying job? Because if you'd like to be earning more money, now is the time to target your new salary level and to go out and achieve it for yourself. Getting to the 'top' is all about believing that you deserve to be there.


Sarah offers various ways to help you believe you are capable of much more career-wise. Her books, in particular 'How to be Head-hunted' and 'How to Plan your Career', will help you promote yourself up the career ladder and her CV writing services will help your CV to be picked out from the other hundreds of applicants. Commit your time today to improving your career prospects.


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