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Fact: A professional career coach will offer you far more than any sports coach.


A career coach can transform your work life.


Very few people are professional sports men and women. If you are, you would no doubt have a coach. Although you may love a good game of tennis or football – or a trip to the gym once in a while, you still choose to be professional at something else, namely your chosen profession.


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People's jobs are at the root of many problems


Work, however, is the main reason so many people gain weight.  The sheer boredom and long hours spent at work, lead to high-calorie snacking, binge eating and drinking and ready-made meals at night after a long day’s work and commute. The idea of having your own personal fitness coach may sound impressive but it is working on the effects not the cause.


Why having a career coach can be a great benefit


A career coaching service, like London based Career Consultants will show you how to begin enjoying your work again and put the spark back into your career.


You may feel that there are no alternatives to the daily drudge of going to work but you are wrong. There are plenty of changes that you make.  A career coach will explore all sort of different options with you.  You may decide to stay put and get more from your current job or you may decide to change job … you may even decide to go it alone and do something completely original.  Whatever you choose, one thing is certain to happen and that is you will feel better about yourself.  As you start to feel better about yourself it will have a knock on effect.  Your relationships will start to improve, your weight will begin to drop off and you will suddenly start to become more popular and make new friends at work.  I have even known people get pregnant after years of trying, just as a result of getting more from their job.


So yes, you should eat your five a day, take more exercise, sleep 8 hours a day – but don’t forget to focus on the one thing you spend more time at than even being in your bed at night - your job.


A London-based professional career coach promises to give you a new perspective on life.


Better than any chiropractor or GP, a career coach will rid you of daily headaches related to the stresses and strains of going to work.


Most people associate bullying with being at school.  They are shocked to find out that more bullying takes place within the office and work environment than at even the worst schools.  More than likely you can recall a time when you were shouted at by your boss.  At school, you are told to say ‘No’ to bullies.  In the workplace, saying ‘no’ will more than likely lead to you being shown the door. So workers tend to comply and put up with unreasonable behaviour in the workplace.  Basically most people tend to blame themselves rather than fire back at an unreasonable boss.


A career coach can even teach you self-defence for the office.


Before you think you are going to learn how to hold the boss in some kind of neck hold if he/she ever asks you to stay late again, you will learn techniques that restore the balance and build your credibility.


Every one deserves to be treated with respect including you no matter how pressing the next deadline is.  By having a career coach working on your side, you can tackle some of these pressing challenges that you face on a daily basis.


Let’s you give an example.  Take Shirley (name changed).  Shirley worked in one of the main shoe retailers in one of London’s busy High Streets.  She had chosen this particular store as it was close to her home.  On several occasions Shirley was pulled aside by her boss and criticised for not achieving a ridiculously high daily sales target.   Most of the time, as any good worker, Shirley took the comments and criticism to heart and tried harder.  However, things steadily got worse and worse and then to make matters worse Shirley’s dear mum passed away very suddenly indeed – all within a week and only aged 50.  Shirley’s boss continued to criticise her for everything and anything.  When Shirley explained that her mum had passed away, her boss just stated that Shirley should leave her personal issues at home.


Career Consultants Career Study of Shirley, who also work in London


Thankfully Shirley called Career Consultants for advice and help.  Not only did we flash up to Shirley’s employer what was going on (as requested by Shirley), we also showed her as her coach that there was another way of tackling the situation with her self esteem in tack.


She resigned and Career Consultants developed her CV and LinkedIn profile and within only a few weeks, Shirley is now settled in with another employer whom she really loves.


That’s the difference a career coach can make.  Don’t underestimate it.  If you want more from work, email us straightaway by filling in the form below.


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