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Demotivated at Work? Is your job taking its toll on you?

Work and the process of work have the ability, if you are not careful, to wear you down. Are you in need of some fun? Have you lost touch with your career dreams? Is work becoming a drag? Listed below are some rescue remedies to help you get yourself back on track.


There are men and women who leave work calm, relaxed and immaculately dressed. Most of them probably get paid according to their ‘looks’ and have a once a week session with their personal trainer, hairdresser and masseur to fulfil the features of their job description.


But if you are reading this with half-inch roots, under-eye baggage and a knot between your shoulder blades, you are not alone. If your tan if fading and your skin is getting that winter parched feeling – join the club. Well it should probably be the local health club.


The thing is, working in an office is public enemy number one if you want to look sleek and be happy. Listed below are a few remedies to help you get yourself back on track.


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9 to 5 Rescue Remedies


Drink loads of water. Millions of us work in man-made temperatures of around 70F in our offices. Humidity is probably not more than 50 per cent. So is it any wonder your skin is dry? Sipping water throughout the day and applying moisturiser in the morning if you can remember will help you. Introducing plants into your office area will also raise humidity levels plus remind you to water yourself as well as the plants. And if you can, open the window.


Move off your backside. Resist the temptation to walk to the vending machine and take a quick walk around the building and ideally up a few flights of stairs. Exercise is a neutraliser of stress. Getting up and walking about the office for 5 minutes helps to distract you from what is causing you stress and it is better for the waistline.


Remember what makes you happy. Write a list of 100 things you like about your job/work. Put the list up in the office and read it every day or whenever you feel negative.


Give praise. Make an effort to give regular and sincere praise to the people around you. Who have you forgotten to make a fuss of recently?


Replace anger with patience. Practise being patient and accepting with your colleagues, customers and staff. Instead of accusing people, learn to see and appreciate the other side of the story. Notice how different you feel and notice the response you receive in return.


Rekindle your ambitions. How far have you wandered from your ambitions and dreams? Why did you stop? What makes you feel alive job-wise? Is it time start fulfilling those ambitions?


Update your image. Take some time to look at your image. Do you need to update your style or is it a matter of spending an extra few minutes to get ready in the morning? You’ll be surprised how much more positive you’ll feel when you look good.

Focus on solutions, not problems. Get above the problem and look for the solution. Ask yourself, ‘How can I resolve this simply and easily?’ The people around you are far more likely to respond if they don’t have to think of the answer.


Work out in the morning. Fitting exercise into your busy routine can be difficult so try to do a short burst of exercise first thing in the morning. Book a personal trainer to meet you at the gym or get a fitness video to do at home to ease you into the day. It will increase your metabolic rate and you’ll burn more energy throughout the day.


Dare to connect. Don’t wait for others to reach out and make your day special. Put the effort in to make the first move and dare to connect with your colleagues, staff and customers. You will be surprised by how much warmth and friendship you will receive in return.


Renew your work purpose. Has your job become a boring nine-to-five job? Will you make changes tomorrow but not right now? Are you willing to create a new personal mission and purpose to work?


Work and how you perform at work are all about choice, the choice of who you become. Are you happy with your choice? If you want to look further and untangle any knots, you have to start to become very honest with yourself and be prepared to make the necessary changes.


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