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Being passionate about your work and having good relationships with your work colleagues is essential if you want to achieve more in terms of job fulfilment. Passion isn’t brash, flashy, or external, it is an intensely personal thing. It is all about the ‘inner you.’ It is about discovering what drives you, what makes you tick and what make you feel truly alive, energised and of value. It only involves you, your skills, capabilities and qualities and how you can give more of yourself to the work world. Hence achieving spark within a job is often described as ‘completing the jigsaw’, finding the missing link or as ‘finding the missing part of you’.


Your journey towards passion for your job is about speaking your truth, amending your reactions, highlighting areas for your self-development and building your energy supply. It is about discovering that inner passionate, innocent part of you which realises that you have to do something constructive and positive about any niggling thoughts, feelings or wake-up calls. It is about achieving a sense of peace, balance and acceptance towards your job so that you can honestly say that your job is fulfilling, purposeful, motivating, rewarding and energising rather than forever worrying that you are wasting your time, potential and life. Achieving job fulfilment needs something from you in return, which is commitment in terms of time and effort. The result will be that you no longer ask yourself whether you are in the right job or fear being de-railed or made redundant but you know that you are on track, pursuing a new and purposeful challenge. You may even go as far as to know that you are leaving your individual and meaningful mark on the work world. The difference you decide to make may be large or small, national or international, personal or impersonal. The important point is that you are doing it today.


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This is why finding and achieving job fulfilment is often described as ‘the missing piece of the jigsaw’ because people receive so much back in return. For some it is an increase in self-esteem and self-confidence. For others it is an inner knowing that they have made a difference to commerce, industry, the environment and/or other people’s lives. And for others it is the fact that their work has turned into a purposeful mission and experience for them. Excited? Great and this is why job fulfilment holds such a high price because it cannot be bought or sold, it can only be experienced.


Job fulfilment is about you recognising your talent and areas of pure excellence and tapping into it. Once you begin to define what you want, and know yourself better you’ll become unstoppable. Barriers, once unrecognised suddenly become visible and once seen you can begin to remove, avoid or side step them. You have to be prepared to believe in yourself and to make plans to fulfil your perception of spark.


Extract from Sarah Berry’s new book “How to Love the Job You Do” priced at £9.99 and available by clicking here.


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BY: Sarah Berry

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