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New Career London – Are you wearing the right shoes?

I met my friend Barbara shortly after writing my vision for 2015. My vision included a list of 100 things and detailed monthly objectives and goals. I felt excited, motivated and inspired. And the first question Barbara asked me was, ‘Sarah, are you wearing the right shoes?’ I looked down at my feet and remembered the vision, the goal and smiled, ‘Oh yes, Barbara,’ I replied, ‘they may not look right but these shoes represent my vision for 2015!’ Are you wearing your visionary shoes?


Everyone is born with a unique personality and mission in life. Yes, that is right; you have a unique purpose to fulfil in the workplace. Do you have a vision? Do you have a goal? Or are you still searching, still looking for your dream to materialise?

Clutter, negativity and misunderstanding stop many people from living their ‘true’ dreams. They become entangled in a job or a set of circumstances and cannot comfortably untangle themselves from the surrounding net. They feel caught up in the web and the subsequent battles of the environment and even setting themselves free can be viewed as impossible. Can I help you to view things differently?


Discovering more about yourself


How well do you know yourself? Are you aware of how others see you? Do you know what drives and motivates you long-term? Finally, are you aware of your work mask? Everyone has one. A work mask is something you wear or ‘put on’ because you believe that it will make you even more successful in your work place.


When you know yourself, it is easy to write your yearly vision. It is just part of your routine. It also feels comfortable to share and tell others your vision because it is important to you that you fulfil your dreams.


Profiling is the only accurate way to peel off the layers of self-protection in a comfortable way. It is a perception to think or believe that some personalities are more important, successful, secure or right than others. It is a myth too to think you don’t need certain personalities, because it is only by recognising the strengths in others’ personalities that your personality can be truly seen.


You will flourish in your career if you recognise yourself and if you use your positive characteristics and your talents. Is it time to discover a little more about yourself?


Career Change Help In London


Using your knowledge about your personality to create your work purpose


Once you are fully aware of your strengths, weaknesses, fears, needs and desires, now is the time to take the next step and formulate your career vision or career purpose.


This involves making strong, powerful, and dramatic statements about what you could do and be. Your statements represent your new goals and they usually represent your goals for the next five, ten or maybe fifteen years. You may need to fine-tune them as well.


Get thinking. Passionate ideas create in themselves energy and enthusiasm which in turn creates a huge positive response in others. Try to get really fired up and think about things that stir up your emotions. For example,


  • Are you being treated fairly at work?
  • Are you being given equal rights?
  • Are you being consulted and are your opinions taken into account?
  • Do you feel that you count?
  • Do you feel valued?


If your emotions are stirring, you are on the right track and going in the right direction. Creating and developing your unique purpose is about you deciding what difference you can make to the lives of others. To help you further, try answering the following questions.


  • What is wrong with your job?
  • What is wrong with your profession?
  • What would you do in your job if you had more time?
  • What make you feel angry about your job?
  • What makes you feel really sad about your job?
  • What do you have to do in your job that you wish you didn’t have to do?
  • If you had no restrictions on money, what would you do to make a real difference to the lives of others?
  • What would you really like to do that you haven’t currently done to date?
  • If you knew the work world would reward you for your efforts, would you do it now?
  • If you wish to move on in your career, which category do you think you fit into?


Around 10% of you will need quick answers and solutions aimed at solving and moving on in your career.


Around 20% of you will need the opportunity to discuss the merits of profiling and discover how it will make you more popular and recognised for your efforts at work.


Around 40% of you will need reassurance that you are OK as you are and that there is no need to make any rash decisions. You can make the necessary changes slowly and in your own time.


Around 30% of you will want an in-depth and detailed analysis and reassurance that the profile is reputable and offers a high degree of accuracy.


Career Consultants offers you two on-line profiles courtesy of Thomas International and we offer corporate and individual clients an in-depth Thomas PPA report offline which details your work mask, behaviour under pressure, personal and work-related stress, motivators and management style. Career consultancy and on-line help are also available to offer you the professional help and advice you need to get on in your career. Please click here for further information.




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