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Totally Demotivated at Work? Here’s how to get out of that work rut

Anna King, BBC Radio Gloucestershire


Sarah Berry has advice to help you get more out of your job


Do you hate Monday mornings and feel your working life is in a rut?


  • Don’t despair – leading career consultant Sarah Berry has the advice that could change your life and job for the better.
  • Sarah Berry is managing director of an internet careers consultancy and career guru for a leading recruitment website.
  • More people resolve to change their jobs in January than in any other month. But how many people actually make the move?
  • According to Sarah Berry, who runs a UK-based international career consultancy, you may not need to change your job – just your attitude to it.


She says it is possible to recapture your enthusiasm and discover new creative energy by learning to love the job you do.


But just how you do that is the question many of Sarah’s clients have been asking her for years. And that’s what inspired her to write her latest book.


How To Love the Job You Do‘ is a self-help manual designed to kick-start you on the right track by helping change your attitude to work – with building self-esteem and overcoming the fear barrier Sarah’s keys to re-igniting what she calls the ‘spark’ of job satisfaction.


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