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Career and Job Fairs 2015 – London and Beyond

Make sure these important career and job fairs are in your diary.  All the events stated below are “not to be missed events” if you are looking for a job or wanting to make a career change.  don’t underestimate how useful career and job fairs are.  Use them as opportunities to network and create valuable new connections and opportunities for yourself.


London Spring Grad Fair 2014


BMJ Career Fair 2014


VES Job Fair 2014


If you wish to advertise a local career or job fair near you, please let us know.


BY: Sarah Berry

Free CV Scan and Analysis

Free CV Scan and Analysis

Choosing your CVs Fixation Points

Putting the perfect CV together proves to be a challenge for most people. Unlike most documents is it rarely read from beginning to end. It is more like a webpage than a book. To help you, Career Consultants provide a free CV scanning and analysis service. All you need to do is upload your CV below and tell us a little about yourself.


It is quick, easy and free and can make all the difference between your new getting a positive response from employers and recruiters and no response at all.


FREE CV Scan and Analysis

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