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Just when everything thing seemed straight forward in your career, you hit a career crossroads


Perhaps you studied hard at School, College and University, landed yourself a decent enough job, gained some experience, even a promotion or two and then all of sudden you find yourself at a crossroads. In truth it is more of a career Y or T junction than a crossroads - but that doesn’t sound quite right. A crossroads tends to be an experience in which you look carefully all around you, close your eyes and carry-one straight ahead.


A Y-Junction is when you are faced with two (or more) choices as to which way you proceed. A career T-junction is when you decide to take a sideways move or a complete career change altogether.


However, you wish to label it - X, T or Y junction it can be daunting. It is daunting because you don’t have a crystal ball and can rarely see far enough down each pathway to where it will lead you.


Let me give you an example, you are waiting for a promotion and everyone agrees that you are most likely to get it, then the boss walks in and mentions that a great opportunity has just come up in Manchester and you are based in the London office. What do you do?


Another scenario would be that you annual appraisal has highlighted that you need a broader business experience as you have tended to work in a certain specialist department. However, which part of the business would benefit you the most.


With all these types of career decisions and career choices, emotions tend to get rattled and therefore it proves challenging to make a rational decision. That is where have your own career coach to bounce ideas off can help.


Starting a new career at 40


I have mentioned career crossroads, Y junctions and T junctions. On your career journey you may also come across the cul-de-sac or the long and very boring road to retirement. At any age, but commonly around 40, people have a career wake-up call. All sorts of things can trigger this. It can be slow and drawn out or sudden such as redundancy. However, people tend to consider whether there is something more that they could be doing in their lives. If they have always been an accountant, perhaps there is more than they could be doing that being an accountant.


At Career Consultants we specialise in helping people find work that they are perfectly suited to. We can help you research, find, apply and secure new and different career roles that would suit you. So if you find yourself in a career cul-de-sac or a long and boring career pathway, just drop us a note and we shall share with your alternative career pathways that you may wish to consider.


How to make a successful career change


I won’t pretend that changing career is easy. Many people dream of having their own business and being their own boss, only to find that the relative safety of employment is actually more attractive. Some people how that employers will come running to someone who has experience in a different sector only to find that they struggle to get a positive response from their applications.


However, if you plan your career change in detail and follow the guidelines and suggestions that we make, you can make a successful career transition or career change.


Career Consultants has helped countless people over recent decades to change career. We even have a specialist department that helps budding entrepreneurs set up their own successful business.


Why changing career is possible at any age


With the right advice and the right approach, you can change career at any age. There will, no doubt, be some barriers. Loved ones and family may be shocked that you have suddenly got the urge to change job, change profession or even get up and move location. Millions of people do this despite what you may think. The ones who plan and think through their move tend to be the successful ones. So it is always worth getting some professional career advice before handing your notice in at your current employment - even if you really detest the job


How to know if it is the right time to make career change


You will know if it is the right time or not. You will get reminders all the time. You will be driving along and hear something on the radio. You will see a sign - even a road sign. You will overhear a conversation. More than anything you will feel it. Most people tend to feel it on a Sunday night or Monday morning. A common time for people to consider making a change is after a short break or holiday. Just taking time to consider the day to day drudge is enough to spark a reaction and consider a change. Many people try and suppress these feelings and hope that things will get better. However, in my view, we spend far too much time at work not to really enjoy it.


How to recognise a career crossroads


Sometimes you can gradually become aware of a career transition being on the cards. Often people experience a sudden and abrupt wake-up call. A wakeup call can come in the form of an announcement from someone else or the self realisation that career and job related matters need to change.


Let us know if you need advice and help with making your next career move.


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