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Finding suitable and professional career guidance can be tricky especially if you are mid-career and no longer at school or university. Most career guidance in London is offered to career-starters and school leavers. There are also plenty of programmes and courses that are targeted towards returners to work. However, most work related career advice has a specific aim of attracting people into the armed services, schools or hospitals.


What do you do if you aren’t interested in entering these specific professions?


Answer: you call upon the services of private career guidance services in London – many of whom you can find online.


Career guidance is best served by professional who work and are based in the City but have the resources to provide you with the support and help that you need in terms of job hunting or finding a career that you are more suited to. The reason why having online facilities is so useful is because it brings down the cost for you and also increases the availability of options. Most people tend to search for career guidance related to a specific career issue, a desire to change career or a need to find a new job quickly. Career Consultants under expert guidance of Sarah Berry, can help with a wide spectrum of different career related needs.


Career Change Guidance


There is hardly a person in London, who doesn’t at some stage asked themselves, “Am I in the right job or profession?” In Sarah Berry’s book, “How to Plan you Career” she describes the different career stages that people go through and key points in time when people tend to consider a career change.


Sarah also describes how changing career isn’t that straightforward and needs to be considered carefully. Although there are Television advertisements being screened at present that make a career change look really simple (the person just sits in the audience and someone tells them that they have got the job – Reed), it usually requires considerable planning and development of a number of strategies.



To begin with a CV that highlights the past and previous job titles is unlikely to convince employers of your transferable skills and hence you will need a different type of CV – the type of professional career change CV that Career Consultants writes.


Professional Career Advisor


Within the career guidance and advice profession there aren’t any specific qualifications that you should look for in having your own career coach. Most people choose to consult family and friends when they are thinking about a career change. This strategy has its limitations though. Family and friends tend to see you in a very stereotypical way. More than likely they have consciously or unconsciously persuaded you to follow a certain career direction already. If you are now looking for a career change, it may therefore be worth talking to someone who isn’t emotionally involved or implicated by your next career move.


For sure, your new career coach will ensure you involve your family and friends in your decision as these people are key to your success. However, in the early stages of the career change process having an independent professional career advisor tends to outweigh the benefits of asking your friends, family and colleagues at work to help you. Be very wary indeed of sharing your career change ideas with your manager or HR department as you run the risk that they may use the knowledge against you.


Career Change London


If you are living and working in London, you are spoilt for choice regarding different career options. Every conceivable profession and business is represented in the City of London. One look through the local and national job boards and you will quickly see the vast array of career opportunities that are available to you. So how do you choose which one to pursue?

Before making a whole stack of online job applications, you need to consider very carefully indeed how well your skills, qualifications and experience match the job being advertised. There are dangers that if you apply for anything that you like that it may result in you being blacklisted by certain recruiters, employers and agencies.


It is best to begin with some in-depth career change analysis and research. Your personal career coach and advisor can help you conduct this in a quick and efficient way. Doing your career change research beforehand therefore is essential. Not only will it save you time and effort but it will lead to much faster results and better job opportunities, in the long run.


Career Coach Sarah Berry


Career Consultants are fortunate to have the experience of Sarah Berry within its team. On top of numerous internationally published career books to her name, Sarah is approachable and contactable. The personal nature of the Career Consultants service is unique It enables you to talk directly to one of the UK’s leading career experts. With over twenty years of experience and being at the very top of her profession, Sarah has helped countless clients in her career from all over the world.


Each client started with a simple question which Sarah personally answered. Share your career question now to experience what it is like to have your very own personal career coach.


Online Career Advice


Expensive London City Centre offices may be impressive. However, it is the advice that you receive and ultimately the actions you will take that really count. You can pay five times as much going to the global outplacement and career transition companies in London, but you won’t necessarily get the time and personal advice that you are looking for.


If you want personal career advice for a specific issue or career change idea, try filling in the form beside this article and experience the service that you will receive. It is completely free with no obligation to purchase, so try it now. Share your career need and get answers to your specific career-related questions. Career Consultants can also help people who are thinking of setting up and running their own business too.


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