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Career Guide – How to get out of the survival state

Career GuideDo you feel as if you are just trying to survive? Do you put up with things you don’t like? Are you settling for what you are given and not enjoying things very much? Are you perhaps wondering whether you are in the wrong job because things aren’t going the way you feel they should be going? You have settled for surviving and now things need to change. You need to make some different choices from now on. You need a career guide. It starts with valuing yourself and expressing what is important to you in the workplace. As you do this your confidence will grow and you will have more time for fun. Let’s take a closer look now.


Facing your challenges


Your challenge is to move from a ‘doing’ state into a creative state. When you are so entrenched in your duties, tasks and jobs, you forget to see the bigger picture, the bigger picture of you. Has this happened to you? Are you so focused on surviving that you can’t see and respond to your opportunities? If so, you need a career guide.


Take a close look at what has been happening. What have you been putting up with? What are you unhappy about? What talents aren’t you currently using? What would you like to change?


Listed below are a few tips to help you get out of this survival state.


  1. Take back the power. You are in charge of your career and you cannot afford to wait for someone within your organisation to put you up for promotion or ask you to work with them. In effect, you are working for yourself from now on and you are only hired because of your skills and abilities. You need to manage your career portfolio on a regular basis. What knowledge do you need to add to your portfolio? What new skills could benefit you in the long run? Start to focus more on yourself and what you need to learn and experience.
  2. Expect the best. Stop settling for what you think you can have. Get into the habit of raising your standards and not accepting work or tasks that either don’t pay you what you want or fulfil you. Think big and start to put out the message that what you are willing to accept has changed. Either make three phonecalls per day to clients or talk to three different people within the business about what you are now working on.
  3. Work with people who value you. Who are your ‘ideal’ co-workers or clients? These are the ones who value and appreciate you. Make a list of the people you like to work with. What three things do you need to feel good about working with someone?The biggest tactical error most people make is that they will work with anyone no matter how they are treated. You don’t need to do this any more. People who don’t make you feel good drag you down eventually. So you have a choice to make, either you educate the people around you about how you wish to be treated or you stop working with them.
  4. Create a picture of the business life that you would like. Write down what you want in your life. How much do you want to be earning? How many hours do you want to be working? What aspects of the job do you want to grow? You are in charge now and you need to define your career journey. You need to stretch for something and work towards achieving it.
  5. Create a business plan. You need a plan, ideally a one, three and five- year plan. It is easier to work backward so where do you want to be in five years’ time? Try to be wild and think big. Describe your career from every angle and once you have done this do the same for the three-year and one-year plan. Include what you’ll be doing and where you’ll be working. Use this plan to get the structure and support system in place.
  6. Focus on the processes. It would be a good idea to get what you do into a system. This way you can delegate more and spend more of your time doing the things that you are brilliant at. Sit down and write out what you do and the order in which you do it. Could you create a permanent system for any of this? Could anyone else perform some of your duties?
  7. Ask for what you want. How much you feel you are worth? Do you believe in yourself enough to ask for what you are worth? Do you say ‘yes’ to everything at work even if you know it isn’t what you want? Do you know what is acceptable to you? If you have a sense of dread about a part of your job then it is something which is unacceptable to you. Try to define yourself and as you do so it will help you to ask for what you want.


If you would like to get out of the survival state and move into a better paid job we can help you. Use us as our career guide and send your CV to us and discover why your CV might be letting you down. Go to our CV Assessment page.


Career Guide


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BY: Sarah Berry

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