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Change of Career at 30

How to switch careers at THIRTY


In your THIRTIES you tend to build up your key areas of expertise and are likely to be exposed to new tasks which will help you to decide whether or not you want to pursue these in any further depth. You are also likely to assert your skills, authority and expertise. The THIRTIES are a time to build your business assets and to enjoy your career.


However, if you do not enjoy your work or feel that your career isn’t moving fast enough you are likely to become frustrated, restless or disheartened. It is important that you recognise these feelings, even if it may be uncomfortable to do so, as you do not want to become defeated, despondent or ‘crushed’ by your work situation. You need to action or to make an adjustment of some kind in order to realign your career path.


Making your career change at 30 a success


Changing career at 30 is very different to changing career at 40 or 50. Being in your 30s allows you to option to explore lots of different career options. You may want to start a completely new profession, go back to college to re-train or take the plunge to set up in business. In your THIRTIES, you have time on your side and the energy to take the necessary actions to achieve your career dreams or aspirations. It is important that you take into consideration what you really enjoy doing and what you ultimately want to achieve in your career. Most people find it worthwhile filling in a career profile if they are facing any type of career crisis. A career profile helps the person to stand back from the situation and to take stock of the situation.


How to explore different career paths


For some people it is also helpful to explore their particular career wants and aspirations too as they want to feel confident and assured that they are making the right career choice this time around. Reviewing your career wants often helps to re-ignite your inner passions and desires and allowing them to surface and become a reality.


"Finding the missing piece of the jigsaw" with regards to your future career


Changing career is often described as ‘finding the missing piece of the jigsaw’ because the people who take the step often feel more alive than they did before. If you need any help thinking of change of career ideasor set yourself up in business, please contact us. Career Consultants has career and business advisors on hand to help you make an easy career transition at 30.


Is your Career Change Idea Sensible or Could It Lead to a Disaster?

For more than 20 years, Career Consultants having been helping people like you, to make sensible and successful career changes.  We have helped people who know they want to make a career change but can't decide what to do. We have also helped people who have loads of ideas and can't decide which is the most sensible option.


More importantly, we help people to make their career transition, whatever the circumstances, to be a success. If you are considering a career change, why not share it with us and we will discuss with you a workable strategy to make it a reality for you.


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