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Change of Career at 40

Is it too late to move from one profession to another once you reach 40? Making a career change at 30 may have seemed OK, but what about 40? A career change is difficult whatever your age and there may be other issues to consider when you are 40. However, it is possible to make an easy career change if you have the right career strategy, approach and advice.


Many people tend to reach a career plateau around the ages of 40 or 50 due to the fact that they have probably been in the same career for a while. Therefore, a career change at 40 or 50 is a normal thing and something that has to be addressed with clarity. It may be that you are fed-up with what you are doing, or you feel that your efforts at work are not being fully recognised or appreciated or that you have reached at stage when you can afford to change career.


Perhaps you have paid-off your mortgage or your children are no longer financially dependent upon you in the same way that they were 10 years ago.


The FORTIES tends to be a time when you can specialise in your career. You tend to develop your knowledge, expertise and your experience within your chosen fields. You also tend to look for and initiate career changes. It is, therefore, very important that if you are feeling restless or dissatisfied by what you are currently doing that you focus on what you want to be doing. People often spend far too much energy and time telling themselves and other people what they don’t enjoy doing. It is vital that you get back in touch with your very own career wants and desires.


Next, it is essential to research the area of work that you are looking to pursue. . This strategy will allow you to appreciate the steps that you have to take in order to reach your job target. You may need to learn a new skill or even do a refresher course. It can be difficult doing the research work because many people become disheartened or disillusioned by all the work that they may have to undertake. However, it is important to bear in mind that many employers will often recruit staff even if they do not have the exact qualifications or experience. Employers appreciate that older candidates have work and life experiences that are relevant to their business.


Forty is a good time to tackle a career change. It affords you plenty of time to make your career change in gentle and easy steps. If you are in any doubt about what you want to do it may be worth filling in a career profile in order to help you make the right career choice. Career Consultants has career and business advisors on hand to help your career transition at 40 to be as enjoyable as possible.


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BY: Sarah Berry

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