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Change of Career at 50

Recent statistics show that the average person holds between five and fifteen jobs in their career with at least two major changes in profession.  A career change after FIFTY is quite common these days due to the number of redundancies as a result of business fluctuations and also due to career burn out.


Also, many individuals are using fifty as an opportunity to follow a more fulfilling career path and healthier lifestyle.  However, it is important to bear in mind that changing career at 50 is very different to making a change of career at 40. Whatever your reason for changing career at 50, take heart because there are some wonderful career change alternatives awaiting you. The fifties are all about your reputation and selling your expertise in your field of work.  It is the time when you will be paid back for your earlier career efforts.


How to Become a Company Expert at 50


Becoming a company consultant after FIFTY is a great profession for individuals who have had about 10-15 years Executive or Management experience. Working as a Consultant gives you the opportunity to set up your own business franchise or to work in a freelance capacity for an established business consultancy.  Either of these career options gives you the chance to offer your skills, expertise and talents to a number of established companies and set your own income level, work routines and time schedules as well.


How to Become a Freelance Specialist at 50


Becoming a Freelancer is an easy career adjustment.  There are plenty of freelance websites upon which you can promote your skills and bid for work.  In addition, you are likely to have a large professional network of people whom you can approach for contracts or work.  Being a freelancer allows you to work the hours that suit you and to have as much time off between jobs or contracts that you want too.  Many individuals find this a liberating and fulfilling way to work during the fifties.


How to Become a Service Industry Expert at 50


Becoming a Service Industry Expert is often the career option taken for individuals who want a quieter and easier life.  Service Industry work may entail manual as well as office work but it allows people the opportunity to get out of the office and work on specific business issues.  Many individuals continue to work for their existing company but on a different rate of pay and in a different capacity.  People often enjoy the focus that this type of work involves.


How to Become a Sales Person at 50


Becoming a Sales Person either for an established business or your own venture is a growing profession for the over fifties sector.  This career choice is often preferred by women who are returning to work and who want to establish their own income stream.  It allows people to get out of their home and meet new people.  Several well-known household brands offer people the opportunity to set –up as a sales representative selling jewellery, household item, children’s toys and clothes.  This career path allows you to choose your own niche and to work flexible hours to suit your lifestyle.


Your Dream Task


A lot of people have a dream job that they want to pursue.  Turing 50 is often their incentive to pursue their dream job or career.  It may be working in the community for a charity or an education sector or running their business.  This phase of life is an important time and therefore you need to listen to your career yearnings.  To pursue your dream job you need to have resources, energy and passion.  It may take a bit of time to get things going but it won’t be long before you are rewarded for your efforts.   The perks of doing just what you want to do far exceed the effort that you need to input.



Professional Career Advice for People Who Have Reached Fifty


If you need any career advice or help to set yourself up as a freelancer, entrepreneur or business owner please get in contact.  Career Consultants has business advisors on hand to help you make this career transition at 50. Amongst the many career services we offer we can also help you write your CV.


Share your career challenge with us and we will offer you some expert advice and help.

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