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How To Change Career When You Have No Idea Where to Start


As an International Career Consultant, I help people to change careers and re-design their work life. Many clients advise me during our initial career consultation that their current work situation has left them feeling unfulfilled or empty. These people often feel that they have lost the spark for what they do each day and that they want to follow a totally different career path. Other clients recount how recent events at works have left them feeling upset, hurt or distressed and determined to change their current work situation.


How to Change Career and Make a Job Move


It is therefore fair to say that many of my clients have lots of issues to deal with during a career transitional time. The career change process is different for everyone. For some people the thought of stepping away from what they know and do each day, can feel like a huge hurdle or obstacle to overcome. They may initially struggle with feelings of sadness about the loss of important colleagues or contributions that have not been appreciated or recognised. Some clients become stuck in ‘why’ thoughts such as ‘Why am I having to experience this crisis in my life? Why do I have to change? Or ‘Why is doing something new going to mean that it will be better?’ Questioning why something is happening is a perfectly normal and natural part of the career change process. It is sometimes a necessary phase in order for the person to gather strength or process what action needs to be taken. It is important though that people explore and take action at their own pace. Some people want the career change to happen quickly and other people want things to happen at a slower and methodical pace.


The key to a successful career change


However, the key to making a successful career change whether it is at the age of 30, 40 or 50 is to explore all the possible options open to you. If you are saying to yourself "I want a career change", it is advisable to fill in a career choice profile so that you can see what job or career suits your personality, career goals and aspirations. Most of my clients enjoy the process of exploring the possible new career options and experiencing the feelings of creativity and personal growth associated with making a career change. At the end of the career change process many clients tell me that they are pleased that they had to go through this life changing experience as the result was better than they had ever expected.


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