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Choosing a New Career

This is the latest Career Change blog by Sarah Berry


Are you feeling fed-up or stuck in your career?  Do you just feel that you would be better off doing something else?  Or have you reached a point when you know that you need to take some positive action?

It is possible that you have put up with things in your job or career and that you missed the signs that you needed to change or shift career direction.  Very often if you put up with things for too long, you can reach a crisis point when you no longer feel happy in your job.  When you are not fulfilled by your work, it can affect your home life too.  However, rather than focusing your energy on why things have gone so badly wrong for you, you need to hold onto your positive energy and take some action now.


The important thing is that you start to take charge of your career and your life.  Make a list of the types of jobs that interest you?  What skills do you want to be using?  Do you know someone who is already doing the job that you are after?  Choosing a career is a bit like looking down a telescope, seeing something a long way off and bringing it into your present.  However, before you change career direction you need to sure that this is a good career choice for you.


Firstly, you need to do some research on your career ideas in order to gauge whether you are pursuing a suitable career path.  Take your time and do some research on all the possible careers on the Internet.  It is best to look for websites that can give you factual information about your chosen career or profession.  Type in ‘how to become job title’ into Google and you will be directed to websites offering you profession related information and resources.


There are huge career possibilities and alternatives open to you.  However, the important thing is that you choose a career that is well-suited to you and your personality.  It may therefore save you a lot of time and effort if you fill in a career choice profile.  This profile will highlight the different kinds of careers and jobs that are suitable for you and it will thereby offer you assurances that you are heading in the right career direction.


If you have already had a career and are looking to change career direction it may be best to bridge the gap between the two professions.  The way that you can bridge a gap in career is to either train for your new career in your spare time or to change your field of work.  If you change your field of work rather than your profession, you make a gradual step in the right direction.  You can then encourage the new employer to retain you when you have established whether working in this field is the right profession for you.


The key is to explore your career options and to map out your career route.  Try to avoid getting bogged down in all details.  Gain as much on-the-job advice from your network of people in order to help shape your ideas and choices.  If you need a bit of professional input, enlist the support of a professional career consultant in order to help you make a positive career transition.


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BY: Sarah Berry

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