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Choosing New Career Path

How to choose the best career path for you – at any stage of your career


When choosing new career path, it is very important to pick a profession, career or occupation that is suited to your career desires and aspirations.  Securing a job in a field of work that you enjoy will help you to feel motivated, valued and fulfilled. People enjoy the feeling that their daily efforts are helping to make their community, neighbourhood or even country a better place.


Career Planning involves taking an inventory of your hard skills


Before you select a particular career path, you need to consider your hard skills and the types of things that you enjoy doing.  Take a moment to assess your academic qualifications, the courses that you have been on and all the practical skills that you have learned.  It doesn’t matter whether you gained your qualifications or skills at university, college or through self-study.  What is important is that you have unique abilities, accomplishments and experiences to offer a potential employer.


Choosing a new career path doesn’t always require training … but it often helps


Whether you are a new career starter or changing mid-career, you need to gain the best possible career training.


On-the-job training is rare these days but very beneficial for your future career


Many employers are willing to take on staff and offer them on-the-job training.  On-the-job training may be spread out over a number of months or even years but it will equip you with all the information that you will need to do the job on offer.  Other training options include doing a crash full-time course over a short period of time or completing a training course in your evenings or weekends in order to gain the level of skills that the employer is looking for.


Take time to conduct plenty of research before choosing a new career path


It is always worth doing a bit of research into your chosen career or profession either by doing some searches on the Internet or by finding real people within the profession to talk to. People who are already performing your chosen job will give you an honest, detailed and accurate account of what the job entails.  Their account will help to dispel any myths or uncertainties that you may have about entering this particular profession.


Choosing to fill in a career path quiz beforehand


Filling in a career profile will also help you to understand your career needs, aspirations and motivators.  A career profile can also help you to determine the type of organisation and work environment that would suit you best.  Professional career advice will help you to make the career transition with confidence and ease.  Making a positive career choice is important and therefore it is advisable to use all the available career tools in order to help you to make your decision.


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Free CV Scan and Analysis

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BY: Sarah Berry

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