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Company social media – how to make it create sales leads

As part of their company social media marketing strategy, 9 out of 10 B2B companies write fresh new content .  However, many companies find it hard to produce informative, consistent and engaging content that attracts readership and leads.  Lack of consistency with regards to your social media campaign may mean that your results are slow and sporadic.


Writing blogs, tweets and posts on a daily basis is a very time consuming and costly activity unless you are skilled and quick at writing new material.  Many people also fail to manage their expectations regarding possible results and therefore they fail to secure new leads, contracts or customers.  Social media is a long haul race and you have to have commitment and be prepared to be in it for the long term if you truly want to benefit from it.


What is your company’s return on investment with regards to company social media?  Are you able to measure it and if so, is there room for improvement? Most Directors that I speak to say, “Yes, we could do more in terms of social media”.  They recognise the huge benefits that social media can offer their business in terms of sales growth but they often report that they haven’t had a consistent enough campaign in order to benefit from it.


My advice is to master one social media platform at a time.  Don’t be tempted to try developing LinkedIn and Facebook together, or try tweeting alongside using Instagram. Most leads for B2B businesses are made through LinkedIn.  So, master LinkedIn first and then go onto develop the other sites based upon your success with LinkedIn.


To develop a high return LinkedIn strategy, you need to have a content writer on-board.  Choose someone who is experienced at writing blogs and able to generate an interest and a response from the material. You have to have a consistent and directed campaign.  There is no point posting three posts today and then doing nothing for the next month.  You want to create a sense of expectation in your audience so that they look forward to reading the next blog.  Your audience expects to see something new everyday.  Are you ready to delight your audience?


If you create expectation and then provide your audience with valuable information your social media campaign will begin to deliver results for your business.  In time it will lead to a growth in sales and a handsome return on your investment.

Sarah Berry is one of the UK’s leading experts in LinkedIn.  She advises individuals and businesses on how to use LinkedIn to create employment opportunities and sales leads. Sarah advises businesses on how to develop a winning content management strategy.  Sarah and her team are keen to help you and your business benefit from the many social media opportunities.


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BY: Sarah Berry

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