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3 Common CV Mistakes – Create the perfect online professional CV that avoids them

Mistake #1: Focusing on You and Not the Employer


The primary function of your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is to provoke a positive response from employers. It is not to tell a long story about your past. Well prepared job candidates engage employers by their ability to sell and promote their job capabilities in the language that employers respond well to. They communicate their message in a positive and honest way through their CV. Their positive attitude has a positive effect on the employers they meet and increases their chance of success.


Does your job search have that all-important necessary magic ingredient?


Mistake #2: Running things forward and thinking you don't stand a chance of getting it


Imagine the headline - the headline announcing your new job appointment. What will it say? Will it be one of the following positive or negative announcements?


Positive announcements


  • 'All I ever wanted was a job like this'.
  • 'Your name - gets the dream job'.
  • 'It is a very special time for me'.
  • 'I am so lucky to get this job'.
  • 'Thank you for choosing me'.
  • 'You know what - I got the job - me - I am just so excited'.
  • 'Just one thing can change everything'.


Negative announcements


  • 'I was always a close second until this time'.
  • 'It shouldn't have taken me so long to get a job'.
  • 'If only the company had offered me a bit more money'.
  • 'This job will do - it isn't the perfect job but it will do for now'.
  • 'I hope this job is better than the last one'.


Let's take a look at your CV


Now take another look at your current CV. How positive is this CV of yours? Will it deliver the positive or the negative announcements?

  • 'Does it make job hunting exciting?'
  • 'Does it remind you of your passion for your industry/profession?'
  • 'Does it reflect your personal approach and style?'
  • 'Does it make it easy to get on the interview list?'
  • 'Does it promote your career purpose?'
  • 'Does it make it easy for the prospective employer to assess your value?'


Mistake #3: Thinking the employer will have the time to read all your CV in detail


Research has shown that, when asked, recruiters said they spent around 6 minutes reviewing each CV. That was a lie. In fact, they spend less than 6 seconds. You can create a positive response in just 6 seconds. The prospective employer is either in awe of you or isn't. "That is the value of a positive CV", says Sarah Berry. "When I first began writing professional CVs over 20 years ago people often asked me what is so special about your CV? In order to demonstrate the value of a professionally written CV I developed the CV assessment product to show the difference between a CV with impact and an ordinary CV. The CV assessment evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of every part of the current CV and covering letter.


Candidates receive a commentary of over 500 words in length, a detailed assessment covering 40 important aspects that need to be included in a CV if it is to score a maximum 100 out of 100. Sections of the CV are cut and pasted into the on-line assessment page and held within your own secure area. The consultant adds his/her words of advice on how to improve the CV to give it maximum impact. The assessment provides the candidate with all the necessary feedback on his/her CV allowing him/her to decide what positive action needs to be taken."


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Free CV Scan and Analysis

Free CV Scan and Analysis

Choosing your CVs Fixation Points

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FREE CV Scan and Analysis

BY: Sarah Berry

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