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Creating your own Debt-Free Business

Despite recent TV advertisements that try to convince us that banks are lending again to small businesses, the truth is that it is difficult to borrow money for any start-up. Unless you already have a track record of sales and profits, few people are going to invest in your idea and risk their cash on your business.


So how do you get started? Surely you need some capital such as stock and a small marketing budget to get started.


The truth is that these days you don’t, in fact, need very much at all. You will, however, have to think differently, be more diligent with the finances and perhaps be a little more patient. What you will discover is that the benefits of being debt-free far outweigh the strains of having banks and investors round your neck from day one. So, perhaps it is better that the banks stay away from your business.


Running a debt-free, no-risk business is more practical and sensible today than ever before


The first question you need to ask yourself is what do you need business capital for? Why do you need to borrow to get started?


The five main things in any business plan that need to be acquired are a business premises, stock, wages, customer credit (a float of money until you get paid - working capital) and a sales and marketing budget.


To run a debt-free business,


  • replace the business premises with a website
  • don’t hold stock instead either sell intellectual assets or someone else’s stock
  • stay in the day job until your business is big enough to support you
  • ask your customers to pay in advance
  • choose tried and tested flexible on-line marketing campaigns and begin with just a few pounds until you find the formula for success


Entrepreneurs tend to borrow as they fear the rate of their business expansion will be too slow. They see their competitors charging ahead and want to keep up with them. For sure, it is much more comforting to make important business decisions when you have a stack of cash in the bank. However, as soon as you borrow the clock to failure starts ticking. There is nothing worse than the feeling that the money in the bank is about to run out. It certainly stifles creatively - a much needed requirement of running your own business. On-line businesses can grow at an incredible rate as there are few barriers to entry.


Try the debt-free model of starting your own business and you won’t regret it. Email us today if you would like one of our “Going it alone” career and business consultants to help you get started.


Create a Debt-Free Business of Your Own ... in just 3 months from now!


Career Consultants offers a 90-day Online Entrepreneur Business Startup Program, called Plans2Grow, to help you establish your own successful debt-free business.


You have an opportunity to work with your own business consultant and fellow entrepreneur who will not only discuss in depth with your ideas but also create your own Wordpress site ready to take orders. Your business consultant will cover everything you need to get started and begin your journey to self-employment and business success. The programme is delivered to the comfort of your own home and includes in-depth telephone/skype  consultancy sessions plus unlimited email support and advice from our team of experts.


For a minimum 3-month contract, you will be up and running in no time at all with the knowledge that you have a team of expert advisors behind you, who have all followed the same tried-and-tested path in the past.


Our advice is you begin with a short 45-minite consultancy. It is likely to be the best £45 you have spent on developing your career.


Warning: Pressing the button below is likely to change your career for ever!!


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Free CV Scan and Analysis

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