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CV Advice – Do you need to put your AGE on your CV?

How to Take Advantage Of Your Age On Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)


Do you ever feel that you are too old or too young? Is age something that you feel strongly about? Do you turn to the rules or theories on the subject with regard to CV writing? Do you try to disguise your age somewhere in your CV? Let's look at the subject in more detail.


Your age and your date of birth are a fact


Who are you? Or to be more precise how old are you? How do you feel? How do you look? These are the kind of questions that you probably asked yourself during your adolescent years. What did you base your answers upon? Was it theory, science or comparison? Have you based your answers upon what you have been told? Would your answers be different if you lived in another country or in a different era? Have these questions ever resurfaced when things in your life or job weren't quite meeting your expectations?


What age would you feel comfortable adding to your CV?


Let's take another look at this question. What do you do for a living? What is your profession? How long have you been doing this? How good are you at what you do? What is your personality? If you are like most people you will focus on bits of yourself, the bits that are most important to you and protect any bits that you feel are threatened in any way.

The more you can look at yourself and question your beliefs, the more you will begin to step into the limelight. By filling out the following exercise you will begin to see how much energy and effort you are investing in your own sense of self.


Answer the question, 'Who are you?'


  • I am a (male/female)
  • I am a (Job title)
  • I am (years old)
  • I am (include your personality details - kind, clever, average, positive, focused)
  • I am (include your nationality)
  • I am (include details of your size - large, medium or small, big, average or small)
  • I am (include details about your popularity)
  • I am (include details about your marital status)
  • I am (include your level of success here)I am (include details about your looks)
  • I am (include details about your personal appeal - calm, trustworthy, loving, positive)
  • I am (include details about your personal labels)
  • I am in need of (focus on what you need)
  • I enjoy doing (include things you love to do)


Then there are aspects of yourself that are perhaps not so attractive. These are sometimes referred to as the darker sides of self or the sides that you would rather not have. Let's make room for them now and allow them to step forward. What are the worst things about you - are you judgmental, lazy, awkward, needy, or sometimes insecure? Just as you have some good sides, you also have some parts of you that are more unsettling. When you get triggered by your job or the circumstances of your job which part of you steps forward, the bright or the dark side of yourself? Triggering happens when you don't get what you want - so what do you feel you have missed out on?Self-image is ingrained in us from an early age. Your perception of self is very important to you and how you portray this to the employer is important too. Now imagine yourself without any of the above titles - your whole image and view of self has suddenly changed. How do you feel? What have you invested your time and energy in upholding?


STOP - There is far more to you than a number on your CV


The purpose of this article is to demonstrate that there is far more to you than just your age. There is more to you than the number on your CV. It may feel wonderful to be 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60ish but then again it may not. Hiding the number in the CV or leaving it off completely isn't going to change anything. Most employers can work out your age anyway from your CV. There are rules if you wish to apply them about leaving your age off your CV but what are you saying about yourself by leaving it off? What have you forgotten to focus upon by hushing it up?


It is too easy to think:

  • I am too old or too young
  • I haven't achieved enough
  • It isn't right to include my age
  • I don't want people to know who I am
  • I don't want to be discriminated based on my age.


Let's focus on you and building your potential. To live, to receive and to gain require a totally different approach.


It means accepting that there is sometimes prejudice about age. There is no more or less prejudice about age than war, politics or money. Yes, you may feel it inside if you don't get the job you want but let's focus on what you can do something about.

Getting a job is all about making a connection with your new employer.


Does your CV do all of the following?


  1. Promote your professional expertise
  2. Get over your personal value
  3. Reflect your personal and management style?
  4. Demonstrate your career vision and passion?
  5. Show you to be a good investment?
  6. Reflect your level of maturity?
  7. Show how you add spark to an organisation?
  8. Demonstrate your job/career purpose?
  9. Encourage the employer to invite you to an interview?


Have you ever wondered whether your CV could be beefed up to reflect more of you and your expertise? If you would like some professional advice click here.


BY: Sarah Berry

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