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Our professional CV & LinkedIn assessment service will give you the advice you need, from content to format and layout. Put your CV and LinkedIn profile through our Assessment Test today. For just £30 our consultants will professionally assess your CV and LinkedIn profile and advise you on ways to improve them both.


You will receive a full, in-depth written assessment of over 500 words and a score out of 100. We are also providing a FREE complimentary covering letter assessment with all three services of our CV assessment services.

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  CV Presentation & Layout


Is it easy to use as an interview document? Is the information under the right section and is it all in one place? Some CVs have two ‘personal details’ sections, one at the beginning and one at the end. This immediately begs the question of what is this person trying to hide: his/her age? The interviewer doesn’t want to flick over pages all the time or be faced with having seen something but then be unable to find it again. Logical ordering of information is absolutely essential. If you are worried about your age then ensure that your maturity shines through.


  CV Accuracy


Does your CV include active words? What are you saying about yourself? Are you clearly identifying how you use your skills within your CV? Does your CV go below the surface and indicate how you use the skill, in what context, why you feel you are a master at what you do, when you have made a significant contribution and who benefited from it?


  CV Content


Does your CV contain irrelevant information? Most CVs do in fact have irrelevant information, partly because the candidate has lost the plot. He/she has got caught up in his/her own sense of brilliance and lost the ability to sell him/herself. Don’t you think that the employer is more interested in your unique selling point rather than your latest family holiday, house extension or reading taste? There is a fine balance between selling and telling. Have you got the balance right?


  CV Personality


How well does the CV reflect your personality? Including your personality in your CV will enhance your chances of success. What have you said about yourself on your CV? Have you been bold enough to tell the prospective employer about your key qualities?


  CV Effectiveness


Is the CV geared towards the job target or field of work? Does your CV reflect your business profile, image and salary level? If you are after a £100K job your CV needs to be written in a different style than for a £40K job. Are you satisfied with your career to date? Have you reflected your career potential? Have you sold yourself as an expert within your field of work?




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Our team of professionals are going to make sure that your career is heading in the right direction and opportunities are coming your way. Let your LinkedIn career management be handled by professionals. Reduce the time and effort to required to make your next career move.

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