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CV Example – Is your CV doing its job properly?

Ask any job hunter what makes them feel good and they’ll all say ‘being offered the job!’ Achieving this step isn’t always that easy. Securing a job is dependent upon the power of your CV.


Most job hunters let themselves down when it comes to CVs. They use woolly words such as ‘involved with’, they list their duties, which anyone can do, and they fail to talk about how they can make a difference to the organisation. In short, they don’t invest in their CV. And if you were the recruiter, what would this tell you about the candidate?


In addition, candidates use the same format, style and tone of CV for years. While it may have won them an interview a few years ago, it is no longer being as effective in the current job market.


The crucial test is what employers think about your CV. If you are not selected for an interview on the basis of your CV, it is tempting to make up your own explanations. Do you put it down to your age, marital status, education, work experience, job title, salary, race, sex or current company? Are these the real reasons? Probably not. It is true that these factors may play a part but the answer is usually much deeper than this.


Anyone, whatever their ability, can project themselves in a positive honest way that will win them work. The secret is knowing how to sell yourself and convince the employer that you should be invited to attend an interview.


A quick CV check list


Your CV needs to:


  • Be targeted towards the job in question. Tailor the CV to the position on offer. Throw out a general all-purpose CV.
  • Show you are capable of doing the job. Demonstrate briefly and quickly your skills and capabilities. The employer doesn’t want to plough through reams of paper in order to answer the question ‘can this person do the job?’
  • Show you have a personality. Convey what sort of person you are.
  • Reflect your attitude. Keep the tone on a straightforward, positive and businesslike level
  • Be brief and to the point – only include relevant information. Your spouse’s name does not reflect your ability to do the job. Keep personal details to a minimum. Never express in ten words what can be said in four.
  • Demonstrate that you believe in yourself. Advertise yourself — the whole person — rather than giving lots of long and boring lists of information.
  • Focus on the employer, not on you. Demonstrate your value and don’t waffle about yourself.


A good CV is worth its weight in gold. It will deliver results and help you advance your career. It is one that is effective, solid and balanced in all areas. Most CVs don’t fall into this category. If your CV isn’t selling you to the fullest then find out how it can be improved. Recent statistics from Career Consultants On-Line Ltd show that the average CV manages to score just 38% in the CV Assessment Test, confirming that the majority of CV’s are poor.


Remember, the CV is the one aspect of the job hunt over which you have complete control. Send your CV to the career experts and discover why your CV might be letting you down. CLICK HERE for more information.


Free CV Scan and Analysis

Free CV Scan and Analysis

Choosing your CVs Fixation Points

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BY: Sarah Berry

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