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CV Mistakes – Your Worst CV Mistakes

Most CVs contain a few easy-to-overlook goofs, yes really. It is these types of mistakes that may scupper your chances of getting that dream job. We have compiled a list of the very best ones that we have seen over the past ten years. This will give you a real insight into what gets overlooked in the rush to get the CV out. Click here for more information.


Top 20 CV Bloopers (spot the goofs below)


We’re all prone to making goofs but the worst place to see them is on a CV. There are some things which should be re-phrased!


  1. Received a plague for Salesperson of the Year.
  2. Reason for leaving last job: maturity leave.
  3. Although I trained as an Accountant and for the past eight years I developed a successful career in Accountancy, I am bored by it and hence wondered if you have any other opportunities that may be of interest to me?
  4. Let’s meet, so you can get really excited over my experience.
  5. Since graduating a year ago I have devoted the last year to travelling the world. I know that once I get into a job I will be able to head up your Export Department in no time at all.
  6. I was working for my mum until she decided to move house.
  7. Marital status: Single. Unmarried. Unengaged. Uninvolved. No commitments.
  8. Flattery doesn’t work. Objective To serve in a managerial capacity for a leading international interiors design company offering superb products paralleled with excellent customer reputation. (This statement does nothing to emphasise what the candidate can bring to a company, even one as exciting as the one on the wish list here.)
  9. I am loyal to my employer at all costs. Will consider anything, please feel free to respond to my CV and call me on my work number.
  10. Unwilling to re-locate or travel as my previous job involved a lot of travel sometimes at short notice and it completely exhausted me.
  11. My goal is to be a psychologist but since I didn’t go to college and get a qualification, I suppose I should stick to being a personnel manager.
  12. I tend to only procrastinate when I have to make a decision.
  13. Instrumental in ruining entire operation for a National Retail Chain.
  14. Additional Information: ‘In 1992 I had brain surgery to remove a tumour. It was traumatic but I think I am well now.’
  15. The company made me a scapegoat, just like my three previous employers.
  16. Achievements: I was proud to win the Typting Award at secretarial college.
  17. Education: MBA – 2002. University of Sheffield project completion: 2004. (The dates appear a bit muddled here. It looks as if the MBA was been attained in 2002 but then there is a projected completion date of 2004. Given employer sensitivity to the possibility of an applicant claiming credentials he/she doesn’t have, this sort of vague phrasing could lead to a misunderstanding that could cost the candidate some opportunities.)
  18. Work Experience: Dealing with customers’ conflicts that arouse.
  19. In recent years commensurate with my career development, I have been more engaged in the management of relevant projects.
  20. Personal Statements: I will give the job my all as long as it doesn’t interfere with my busy social life. My social life is very important to me.


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Is your CV selling you?


Take one more look at your CV. How good is it? Will your CV beat the competition or let the competition through?


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Free CV Scan and Analysis

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BY: Sarah Berry

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