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Are you seeking a great CV writing guide to acquire the perfect job? A winning CV requires a specific type of writing style. The best-selling CV book on the market, Write a Perfect CV in a Weekend, written by Sarah Berry with help you develop a winning CV:: Lots of people still use the same CV format for years despite the fact that it doesn’t generate end results for them..


Having a pretty good CV in these times may not be enough and you might just want to reassess changing your CV. Avoid being complacent. A CV that worked in the past and got your interviews may no longer work. You may be straight out of college or university and looking for your new job or mid-career and seeking a change in job or career move, either way to are seeking to generate employment leads and opportunities. Recruiters base their decision to invite you to interview based only on what you present in your CV. Are you selling the benefits of employing you in your CV? Are you considering in terms of what the employer is looking for and chosen to rewrite your CV accordingly rather just add new information to the existing CV? Are you certain that you have a winning CV strategy?


A lot of people worry about accuracy in their CV, staying clear of such things as spelling errors. However, it is typically the structure and content of the CV that let’s most job seekers down. They may not feel like much to worry about, but when you think that most personnel managers get hundreds of applications for one job, it’s obvious that a good CV can make the ultimate difference. Take time to develop your CV before rushing on to apply for jobs. Invest time now rather than face disappointment later on. Yet without the right approach and an excellent CV and sales tactics, you won’t need that new outfit anyway! The fact is your CV is key to your success!


So, what are the most common CV mistakes? Below are a list of some of the most common mistakes; if you have any questions or feel unsure whether you have included everything in your CV, why not get Career Consultants to assess your CV? Make sure you avoid the simple mistakes that so many people make on their CV and you are guaranteed success.


Not tailoring the CV. In the last decade it was alright to have a general CV, however in today’s competitive job market, you need a CV that is targeted towards the job that you want to apply for. A standard CV conveys the message that you are desperate to find any job. A CV that has been tailored towards a specific job shows that you have thought carefully about how you can benefit the prospective employer. Promoting your benefits within your CV will help to bring your CV to the attention of the employer.


Ignoring the demands of the job advertisement in terms of what the employer is looking for. It is easy to overlook the specific job requirements if you are in a rush. However, waiting until you get to the interview to show them how good you are is a risky tactic. Refer to the job advertisement and answer exactly what the prospective employer is looking for. What can you sell in terms of your personality? What capabilities are needed for this job? Has the employer asked for specific factual requirements? Have you identified them in your CV? Does your CV answer all of the prospective employer’s requests? Giving too much information. The ideal length for a modern CV is two or three pages. If you are a new starter then your CV is likely to be shorter. Never go over three pages in length.


Putting information in the wrong order. Your introduction is one of the most important parts of the CV. So many job hunters hide their personal details at the end of the CV and others often omit details like age, marital status and contact details. The sell is vital in terms of CV writing but most candidates choose to bombard the reader with personal profile sections, career history and education. Candidates forget to mention what they have for sale. Hence the most important part of the sell is the capability section. What have you put up for sale on your CV? Have you clearly identified your level of expertise and competence? Have you done everything you can to convince and reassure your reader that an investment in your skills is a good choice?


Droning on at length about your education. How long is your education section? Are you in doubt about your skills and expertise so you have listed out every qualification you have ever gained?


Making reference to irrelevant information. The employer is interested in how you can benefit the organization rather than what you do at weekends. It is essential that you keep your CV focused on job related matters.


Look closely at your CV. Is it promoting how you can benefit the organization and does it showcase your value and skills? Have you avoided the trap of just listing everything down on paper and considered exactly what you can offer the company? Why not get your CV professionally assessed before applying for another job? CLICK HERE for more information.


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Free CV Scan and Analysis

Free CV Scan and Analysis

Choosing your CVs Fixation Points

Putting the perfect CV together proves to be a challenge for most people. Unlike most documents is it rarely read from beginning to end. It is more like a webpage than a book. To help you, Career Consultants provide a free CV scanning and analysis service. All you need to do is upload your CV below and tell us a little about yourself.


It is quick, easy and free and can make all the difference between your new getting a positive response from employers and recruiters and no response at all.


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BY: Sarah Berry

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