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CV Writing Guidelines

What are the best CV writing guidelines to follow? Firstly, if you want the very best CV, you will need to get organised. A winning CV is in need of an unique type of writing style. Best selling author, Sarah Berry, has offered her CV writing advice in her best selling book, Write a Perfect CV in a Weekend: Many people continue to use the similar CV format for years even though it doesn’t provide end results for them..


You may feel your CV is very good but employers and recruitment consultants may be looking for something different. Avoid being complacent. A CV that worked in the past and got your interviews may no more work. Whether or not you are just starting off in your career or a top director, the goal is the same. You are seeking a way to create employment opportunities and leads in the shortest space of time. The only thing that an employer can make a decision on is your CV. Are you using the best technique to convince employers of your value? Are you thinking in terms of what the employer is looking for and chosen to rewrite your CV accordingly rather just add new information to the existing CV? Have you equipped yourself with the winning CV approach?


It is important not to make obvious mistakes in your CV, for instance spelling mistakes, but it is much more important to get the structure and content right in the first place. They may not seem like much to worry about, but when you think that most personnel managers get hundreds of applications for one job, it’s obvious that a good CV can make the ultimate difference. Some candidates spend more time planning an interview outfit than writing their new CV. You can skip the CV writing stage of your job application and start planning what you are going to say at interview. However, with a poor CV there won’t be an interview. You may not want to hear this but it is the truth!


What do you need to look out for when writing a CV? Try and avoid the most common mistake listed below; if you would like more advice on how to develop your CV, consider ordering a full and comprehensive CV review from Career Consultants. Make sure you avoid the simple mistakes that so many people make on their CV and you are guaranteed success.


Having a general CV


Ten years ago it was alright to have a one-size-fits-all approach to your CV, but with today’s more competitive job market, what’s needed is a ‘couture’ CV that you can update and alter to highlight the ways you can benefit each particular company. A general CV doesn’t portray to the employer that you have put much effort into your job search campaign. It presents the message that you will accept any job and that you are trying to apply for as many jobs as possible. If you invest time in selling your benefits within your CV, you will attract the employer’s attention.


Not addressing the job advertisement requirements.


It is easy to overlook the specific job requirements if you are in a rush. Many people think that they can expand on things when they get to the interview without considering whether they will get an interview. Take time to read the advertisement in detail and pick out and answer the employer’s requests. What can you sell in terms of your personality? What capabilities are needed for this job? What factual information has been requested? Identify the employer’s requirements, not yours. Does your CV answer the how, what, where and when questions? Waffling too much. How long is your CV? The ideal length is two to three pages and one page for the covering letter. If you have just left college you will have less to say, but don’t pad your CV out with waffle. One page of useful information is undoubtedly worth far more than two pages of irrelevant facts.


Ordering things incorrectly.


Your personal details need to be prominent and accurate. Your skills ideally need to promote your talents, capabilities and benefits. Make sure that you have underpinned your expertise in your work section with factual evidence. If your CV sells you in a logical way you are likely to be asked in for an interview.


Droning on at length about your education.


How long is your education section? Are you in doubt about your skills and expertise so you have listed out every qualification you have ever gained?


Making reference to irrelevant information.


The employer is interested in how you can benefit the organization rather than what you do at weekends. It is essential that you keep your CV focused on job related matters.


Take one last look at your CV. Does it sell your benefits to the prospective employers? Does it read like an proposal rather than just a long list of past achievements? Will it help you to secure a new position? Do you feel that your CV sells how you can add value to an organization? Please CLICK HERE for a professional CV review.


CV Writing Guidelines


CV Writing Format Sample


Free CV Scan and Analysis

Free CV Scan and Analysis

Choosing your CVs Fixation Points

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BY: Sarah Berry

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