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Do You Need Some Help with Writing Your Curriculum Vitae?


A well written CV (Curriculum Vitae) can create a positive response in a matter of a few seconds. The perfect CV will engage prospective employers by selling and promoting your job capabilities, achievements and benefits. This winning CV will also communicate your value to the prospective employer in a direct, positive and honest way. If your CV reflects your positive attitude it will also have a positive effect on the prospective employer and thereby enhance your chance of job success. However, it isn't easy to write your own CV.  That is where we help - watch the video below to review the CV writing help that we can provide for you.


Do You Want to Have a More Appealing CV?


Sarah Berry, best-selling author of ‘Write a Perfect CV in a Weekend’ says “When I began writing professional CVs over 20 years ago people asked me, what is so special about your CV format? In order to demonstrate the value of a professionally written CV, I developed the CV Assessment product to show people the difference between a CV with impact and an ordinary CV.”


Have you ever thought of having a CV expert assess your CV from an objective perspective and give you guidance on how to build this invaluable asset?


This could be the CV writing help that you have been looking for!


Our full CV review provides you with a commentary of over 500 words in length and a detailed assessment covering 40 important CV requirements if your CV is to score a maximum of 100 points out of a possible 100 points. Sections of your CV are cut and pasted into the review document and the consultant will add his/her words of advice about how to improve your CV in order to give it maximum impact.  The CV Assessment will provide you with professional feedback on your CV allowing you to decide what positive action you need to take.


If you feel that you would benefit from some professional and personal CV input from our Career Experts ...


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