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Career Consultants On-line has its head office opposite the famous Botanical Gardens in Kew, London. When you consider CV writing London employers have very distinct requirements to other places in the world. If you are looking for a new job, contract or role in London, our London CV writers and career consultants can help you to target your CV for specifically for the London employment market. Securing a new job often relies upon the quality of your CV. Most applicants are not comfortable writing their own CV as they are unsure about how to sell themselves in the written format or what employers are looking for.


There is a real skill in CV writing. The writing needs to showcase your talents and fill the CV with appropriate amount of sales pitch for your target job. Balancing all of the essential ingredients for a winning CV takes writing expertise and skill.


Your new CV should also give the prospective employer an idea of your personality, attitude in addition to your job skills and capabilities. Employers tend to want an insight into these types of things as your prospective employer wants to hire the right person for the job.


When considering CV Writing, London employers look for certain things


The London job market offers you an excellent opportunity to advance and further your career and job prospects. however, it is very different to other places in the UK. If you want to explore your career options Career Consultants has a career choice profile which will help you to ascertain whether you wish to change career direction or profession.


Career Consultants is run by Sarah Berry, best-selling career author and International Career Consultant. Sarah is a career coach to many top Business Professionals whom she coaches on a contract basis in order to help them to progress their careers further. She also writes and shares her career advice on-line.


If you feel that you would benefit from some professional and personal CV or Career Advice from our Career Experts please contact us.


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