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CV writing is a really specialised skill. Most people are not particularly good at writing a CV although research shows that most people believe that they can write a CV. It is not so much that they don’t know what to include in their CV because most people have a rough idea of what to put in a CV, but that they are out of touch with how to sell themselves in the written format in a modern, competitive and authoritative manner. In short, a CV has to win over the employer quite quickly.


CV Writing is regarded by many people as a daunting experience whereas giving a presentation of yourself at an interview is on the list of things that most people fear doings. The concern surrounding CV writing means that many people cling to what they know about CV writing even if it is out-of-date. The result is that most CVs tend to be poorly written, not tailored towards the job in question and not promoting the candidate’s value or abilities. These CVs merely document the person’s time at work and tell their career story.


It is therefore fair to say that writing to hook the prospective employer is a real writing art. It is writing that needs to show where the candidate’s abilities lie and how they skills and talents can benefit the organisation. CV writing is all about showcases your value in a positive, honest and straightforward way to ensure that you are selected from the pile of applicants.


To choose the right CV writer for you, you need to feel confident that your old and perhaps boring CV can be turned into a sort of press release of your work life. It is important that the CV is written in a professional and normal English writing style. You do not want your CV packed with buzz or gobbledygook words that are meaningless. Your CV writer needs to have a good command of the English Language, your business sector and level of your job.


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