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Platinum CV Writing Service

Our Top Selling CV Writing Package


Everything that you need to make a professional and effective job application


The Platinum Service is our top CV writing package and we have just added more features to the service. It promises to open up many new opportunities for you by providing you with a professional CV and a quality covering letter, a clear vision and focus of your job target and advice about how to attain your vision.

A CV that sells your benefits and showcases your achievements


A trained and experienced consultant will draft and work with you to perfect your new-look CV. The consultant will target your CV towards your profession and field of work.


Cover Letter


We will write you a suitable and professional covering letter for a job vacancy that you forward to us.


Telephone Career Consultancy – with Sarah Berry

All Platinum clients will receive a thirty-minute career consultancy session direct with Sarah Berry once the CV has been produced.


Wants Exercise

The “Wants” exercise enables you, with the assistance of a consultant, to rank your priorities and values. It helps you to create a vision of your desired career and lifestyle.


Career Choice Psychometric Profile

Our profile provides an accurate analysis of how you see yourself, how others may see you, what tasks you are best suited to and a list of job titles and professions that you may be suited to.


Benefits Podcast

You will receive a benefits podcast which will help you to sell your value to prospective employers. It is designed to help you to improve your self-confidence and self-belief.





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Our team of professionals are going to make sure that your career is heading in the right direction and opportunities are coming your way. Let your LinkedIn career management be handled by professionals. Reduce the time and effort to required to make your next career move.

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