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For job-hunters who wish to benefit from a professionally produced CV


‘‘Your CV writing service was fantastic and it managed to help both myself and my husband, Andrew Lees get better jobs. I managed to find a job only 3 weeks after job hunting but more importantly, my new CV helped me get a promotion‘‘


Diya Less


A Professional CV Writing Service to suit your budget


Every CV that is produced by Career Consultants is guaranteed to score a maximum 100 points on the Professional CV assessment offered exclusively on this site. We look forward to helping you secure a great job.

‘‘‘My new CV worked in just three weeks. After numerous rejections I got my CV revamped and got the first position that I applied for‘‘


Colin Dowlng




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Our team of professionals are going to make sure that your career is heading in the right direction and opportunities are coming your way. Let your LinkedIn career management be handled by professionals. Reduce the time and effort to required to make your next career move.

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