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The Project Manager CV – How to ensure you present yourself as being competent

How To Improve Your Project Manager CV


To be put in charge and manage big projects and assignments, employers need to have confidence in your competence to project manage. When you apply for project management jobs, they will base your ability to manage projects on your Curriculum Vitae or CV. Confident candidates perform well at interview but how confident are you of being chosen? No one likes to feel left out, past their sell-by date or overlooked, even if temporarily. Jobs, careers and promotions are sensitive issues. Sarah Berry, Jobsite's Career Guru says, 'You have to work at it if you want to be picked out for a job'.


There is altogether too much change in business these days for things to remain static. Getting selected in business is about developing the right skills, attitude and most importantly profile.


1. What is your profile as a Project Manager?


What does your CV say about your current profile as a project manager? Where have you pitched yourself within the market? Have you rambled on about yourself or portrayed a consistent image? Employers measure your profile on some of the following areas; decision-making, technical expertise, assertiveness, maturity, image, networking and value. How have you sold yourself? Does your Project Management CV demonstrate your strengths?


2. What is your professional reputation as a Project Manager?


How have you sold your skills and achievements? Take a look at your CV now. Are you coming across as a low, moderate or high achiever? High achievers look beyond today and they capture the future. They are expressive, positive and skilful in terms of conveying their professional expertise and message. What professional challenges have you overcome? How have you shown extraordinary levels of commitment and service?


3. What salary figure are you commanding?


By linking your career experience with your accomplishments, vision, drive and passion, you can command the salary figure you deserve. What value have you placed on yourself? Is it time to re-evaluate your value?


4. What is your vision for your career?


Confident candidates are clear about their values and beliefs. They keep people and projects on course by behaving consistently with these values and modelling how they expect others to act. What is your focus? How easy is it for you to achieve your goals? What example are you setting for yourself and others?


5. How do you network?


How do people respond to you? Are you 'out' for what you can get or for what you can contribute? Do you attack or nurture others? Do you gain approval and give approval? Are you a high, moderate or low maintenance employee?


Your CV says a lot about 'you' the person and 'you' the professional. If you would like to check out how you are coming across, please click here for further information.


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Free CV Scan and Analysis

Choosing your CVs Fixation Points

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BY: Sarah Berry

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