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Delete LinkedIn Profile

WikiHow have produced an excellent guide to a simple way to delete LinkedIn profile.




Once you have deleted the account you want to remove make sure you read for LinkedIn success tips below. We recommend using LinkedIn to develop career opportunities and expand your business profile.


Tips For Succeeding With LinkedIn


Whether you are an Internet Marketer or an offline entrepreneur, you know that you need an online presence before your business can be successful. You know that your business needs its own website. You probably already know that blogging can also be helpful. You know that you need to have profiles on the bigger social media portals like Facebook and Twitter. Did you already know, however, that it’s possible to further help yourself by creating your own LinkedIn profile? LinkedIn is more than just a resume posting site. If you want to do some business and professional networking, this is the best site to do that. If you want to improve your profit margin, here are some things you can do to get the system to work for you.


Doing SEO is very important for anything you do on the net. LinkedIn has the same requirements. SEO literally means search engine optimization. Using SEO is probably something you have already done for your business website and any posted content. Many people use it with their profile when they put it up. Use your keywords in a natural way. The profile’s headline is where you want to focus the most. Make sure the profile summary is keyword optimized so that it is SEO friendly. Really, it’s all about finding you on the Internet. Your profile needs to be found by the search engines, and indexed, so people can discover you online. LinkedIn is not only for freelancers -you can even find jobs on this site. Yes, job openings are often posted on LinkedIn. You might come across jobs that aren’t listed on any other sites. You can also talk about the jobs privately in the groups you have joined. This could be of interest to you, even if you’re not looking for a job. Even if the company is advertising for a job, they might be open to taking you on as a freelancer. You have nothing to lose by inquiring if freelancing would be a possibility. Even if they aren’t interested, if the job offer is good enough, you might consider taking it on!


If you want to, you can “toot your own horn” in your LinkedIn account to get the best results. More than likely, you have done many things in your life. Whatever you have accomplished, being proud is something that is natural. Talk about those things on LinkedIn. This info can be placed on your LinkedIn profile for all to see. You don’t have to be modest at all. Modesty and genuinely social situations is expected. When trying to attract clients and buyers and business networking opportunities, however, you need to make them understand how great you are. You should never hold back for any reason. Tell people how excited you are and how proud you are of what you have done.


There are many different ways to put LinkedIn to work for you to help you build your business. What you have to master is the proper usage of the system.


What helps you make that happen? You use the tips and tricks that we have talked about in this article. If you keep at it and keep your eyes open and aren’t afraid to keep learning, you’ll find a lot of others as well.


LinkedIn Profile Tips


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