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A job promotion, career advancement and career success don’t just happen. If you are looking to advance your career, you have to work at it.

You have to focus on your own personal brand and what you have to offer your company. What is your individual contribution and value? How are you networking?


How good a communicator are you? Who are you modelling yourself on? Is finding a new job or gaining a job promotion a rewarding and easy experience?


Try not to fall into the trap of thinking ‘I deserve a job promotion so why hasn’t it happened?’ ‘A reputation has to be created and built – it doesn’t just happen on its own’ says Sarah author of ‘How to be Head-hunted’. A person who is up for promotion is developing his/her self-esteem, achieving in his/her role and able to set and fulfil goals. Is this you or is there still some work to be done?


If you are looking to secure a job promotion or career success, check out the advice listed on the right hand side.


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