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The Fabulous Five: Which Top 5 Transferable Skills Add Value to Your Career and CV?

Does your career seem to be at a crossroads right now?


Are you wondering what to do next to give yourself a leg up in your career and your life?


One of the easiest and best ideas to advance your career is to acquire solid, transferable and desirable new job skills. In fact, you could do far worse than learn at least one of the top five value-adding, CV-boosting and career improvement skills.


According to Pitman Training, a company synonymous with office based training since Sir Isaac Pitman invented shorthand in 1837, those fabulous five skills employers love most include IT, Microsoft Office, Project Management, Book Keeping and Social Media.


So if you're currently weak in any of those areas, now would be a great time to get started in whichever one looks most appealing.


After all, a skills upgrade in any of IT, Microsoft Office, Project Management, Book Keeping and Social Media could deliver you more money and greater job satisfaction than you have now.


Just think about the doors that could open when you have something extra that employers crave.


In fact, training can fit into your life much more easily than you imagine.


Don’t listen to the devil inside you claiming ‘you’re too old’, ‘what’s the point?’ or ‘you won’t be able to do it.’


None of those things are true. Just imagine how learning something new would help you enjoy more money, travel opportunities, recognition, or flexible working.


And then take things one step at a time. Every extra thing you learn offers a benefit to your career. Claire Lister, MD of Pitman Training Group comments:


“Sometimes as adults we forget that it’s essential for us to keep learning. We think we’ve been there and got the t-shirt and why should we have to do any more training, but it’s essential, whatever your position, to continue to develop your skills. The business world doesn’t stand still and neither should we. Also the satisfaction of having achieved something and become a master in something new is very empowering and often we find it’s this new found confidence that really drives people to new opportunities."


This is backed by some impressive statistics:


  • Having a degree significantly boosts a person’s likelihood of progressing out of low paid work
  • Participating in part-time learning as an adult raises life satisfaction by the equivalent of £1600 of income each year on average
  • 71% of Community Learning learners reported that their quality of life had improved as a result of their learning
  • 75% of Community Learning learners who were looking for work said their course gave them new skills that they might use in a job


The time to act is now.


This week Pitman Training is embracing the 2016 National Festival of Learning in its centres nationwide. Pitman helps thousands of students each year progress their careers through tailor-made study programmes and Diplomas which are CPD accredited and the Festival is expressly designed to help you explore and celebrate the opportunities connected to adult learning.


Organisers and staff will be on hand to provide free guidance, a free 5 year tailored career plan based on 121 consultations, CV writing workshops and recruitment advice.


Sarah Berry adds, "And for those who seek to enhance their career, Career Consultants recommends the wide variety of skilled-based training courses provided by Pitman Training. Career Consultants also offers separate complimentary career development courses at its new e-learning site


Start improving your IT, Microsoft Office, Project Management, Book Keeping and Social Media skills with Pitman Training today.


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