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Time and time again, I see people applying for all sorts of different roles in the hope that this time around it will generate the right result.  However, you won’t find the perfect job if you don’t have a targeted job hunting strategy.


Many people are currently facing difficult career challenges such as an unexpected redundancy, an end of their contract or uncertainty about their current role.  They have therefore been forced to look for work at short notice.  Their job search routine has an element of panic to it and it involves making hundreds of job applications on –line.  They live in hope but hope can quickly turn to despair as the number of rejections mounts up.


However, many people forget that their movements on-line are totally visible.  Applying for jobs is no longer conducted in private.  It feels like it is private because you can apply on-line in the comfort of your own home.  No one actually sees your application as you don’t have to handle a physical form.


Almost every application these days is tracked and every company that you apply for is also tracked … and some companies even go as far as blacklisting applicants who make multiple job applications to a wide range of different jobs within their company.  Agencies are also beginning to adopt the same approach.


So, if you accept that your on-line job applications are visible, there is no point applying for anything that takes your fancy.  It is time to adopt a targeted job-hunting strategy that delivers the best result for you.  Share with me your job-hunting experiences and I will help you to develop a job search strategy that will take your career to the next level.


BY: Sarah Berry

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Free CV Scan and Analysis

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